Five bento lunches

(Nederlandstalige versie)

Bento box
It’s day 19 of VeganMoFo! Today’s topic is “lunch on the go”. I have this adorable bento box with rabbits on it that I love, but I don’t eat from it very often, so I went through some old bento photos in an attempt to motivate myself to use it more. They’re over a year old, but I’ve never posted them on here, so I hope you still like them!

Bento: orange and rocket salad, stuffed potatoes
On the left: orange and rocket salad with poppy seed dressing.
On the right: small twice-baked potatoes stuffed with peas, leeks, and Proviand bacon cubes; carrot sticks.

Bento: pizza leftovers and roasted chickpeas
On the left: cucumber, radishes, carrot.
On the right: pizza leftovers (vegetables, tomatoes, rocket, tofu ricotta) and roasted chickpeas.

Bento: pancakes, vegetables and fruit
On the left: cucumber; cinnamon apple pancakes; chickpea flour pancakes with tofu ricotta, sweet potato, and parsley pesto; seitan nuggets; radishes; tofu ricotta in a cucumber cup; tiny carrot sticks; courgette; yellow pepper; tomato.
On the right: some kind of curry that I don’t really remember the ingredients of; apple pieces with cinnamon.

(If you’re wondering why this lunch seems more elaborate than the others, I was participating in the Dutch ritual of gourmetten, so when I’d eaten enough I just kept making little dishes to add to my bento.) :)

Bento: orange quinoa salad + veggies & dip
On the left: tofu and parsley dip with cucumber, radishes, and yellow peppers; seitan bits to add to the salad on the right.
On the right: quinoa salad with rocket, fennel, orange segments, and pomegranate seeds.

Bento: salad and samosas
On the left: dill hummus with purple carrots; lentil samosas with pineapple chutney.
On the right: fennel, carrot, and chickpea salad.

Just a note in case you’re curious: I actually ate all of these at home, so I didn’t really worry about the calorie content or how filling these meals would be. They were just a fun way to get a few extra vegetables into my day.

Links of the day

More lunches on the go! I wish I could try this vegan ploughman’s lunch with Tyne Chease nut cheese by Joey from Flicking the Vs. These two lunches on Instagram come with beautiful views: piri piri falafel and hummus by Amy and spring rolls and sushi by Pepa Jobo.

Pasta & Veggie Burger Bento

On Monday evenings I have a class right around the time I usually like to have dinner, so today I decided to pack a meal using a few bits of food I happened to have in the fridge.

In this box:
– a leftover Olive Lentil Veggie Burger from last week + mayonnaise for dipping. the burger was so delicious even at room temperature, I’m definitely going to use this recipe more often!
– a mini salad with grated carrot, fresh parsley, and sesame
– a few grapes
– penne with basil paste, fresh tomato, olives, and rocket

Apart from boiling the pasta this was pretty quick to put together and even though I had to eat it on the train, at least I got to have a decent evening meal at a regular time. I also love meals with lots of different components like sauces, sides, and salads, so opening a bento box like this is almost like unwrapping a present to me! Except that, you know, I wrapped it myself, but still!

I hope everyone’s enjoying VeganMoFo so far. I’m off to read some more posts before I go to bed!