Olive Lentil Burgers And Chocolate Cherry Pudding Cakes

Because I couldn’t wait to use my burger shaper again, I decided to make the Olive Lentil Burgers from the PPK blog last night. They’re pretty easy to make (even with my immersion blender!) and the because the mixture is so firm, the patties hold together very well.

Olive Lentil Burgers(Sorry about the dark picture…) I halved the recipe and got four nicely sized patties out of it. I liked Isa’s idea of an Italian inspired burger so I served the patty on a bun with roasted red pepper, sautĂ©ed onions, and pesto mayo, which was a really delicious combination! I loved the olives and mushrooms in the burger but I’d also love to use this recipe as a base for other flavours.

The buns are from an Italian bread recipe I’ve made a few times before, but as I was kneading the dough this time I noticed something was off. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I took a bite of the baked bun – I’d forgotten the salt! It’s amazing how much difference a teaspoon of salt makes both in taste and in texture. Oh well, I guess if I’m making recipes for MoFo every day there are bound to be a few mishaps. At least there were enough delicious flavours in the patties and condiments, so the burgers were still delicious.

For dessert, I made the Chocolate Covered Cherry Pudding Cakes from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. They were yummy, but I’m glad I put them on a baking sheet, because this is how they came out of the oven:

Chocolate Cherry Pudding CakesI guess my ramekins are a bit too small! They were a bit messy, but still tasty enough. I’d probably use more cherries and less sugar if I made them again, but otherwise I really like these individual puddings!

9 thoughts on “Olive Lentil Burgers And Chocolate Cherry Pudding Cakes

  1. There’s just something about those little chocolate explosions that’s actually really appealing to me! Maybe I just like a hot mess.

    Your burger is beautiful too!

  2. Your food looks soo good! I love the idea of that burger combo. I’ve left salt out of bread before too, it is really amazing how what a difference it makes.

  3. Oh and that is a VERY nifty burger tool btw! (forgot to mention that in my other comment ;) I can’t believe I missed it was VeganMoFo this month :(

  4. Thanks everyone! :) I agree that the sauce oozing from the sides makes the puddings look extra chocolatey and delicious…
    Oh and Gnoe: I’m sorry you missed the deadline, but you can totally still participate in MoFo if you like! I’d love to read your posts :)

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