Vegan breakfast scramble from Magic Jelly

Breakfast scramble

I make tofu scramble all the time, but this recipe from Magic Jelly uses a technique I hadn’t tried before: Karena fries the tofu in some oil or margarine as you normally would, but then she adds a chickpea flour batter to coat the tofu and to add a different texture to the scramble. I really love this idea, though I was clearly a little too tired when I made it this morning – I spilled chickpea flour and nutritional yeast all over the floor and probably messed up the measurements in the recipe as a result. Oops. I also forgot to pick up spring onions so I used some finely chopped yellow onion instead. It was still good, though, and I’m definitely going to use this technique again! I used dried dill this time but I’d love to try it with other (fresh) herbs as well.

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