Waffles from Vegansaurus


While looking for waffle recipes through Vegblogsearch, I came across this recipe on Vegansaurus titled ‘the greatest vegan waffle recipe in the world’, so of course I had to try it! I got up early this morning to do some sleepy VeganMoFo cooking so I loved that the recipe specifies an extra quick & reckless method to making the batter for those with little time or patience. The waffle recipe itself is very simple and quick, as well, and while I’m not sure these were the best waffles I’ve ever had, they were certainly delicious, and I’d love to make the recipe again with some add-ins such as fruits or spices. For now, we had a few of these with raspberry jam and froze the rest for later. It’s a great feeling to know that there’s a bag of waffles in the freezer ready to be toasted for quick happy waffle breakfasts whenever we like!

6 thoughts on “Waffles from Vegansaurus

  1. They look awesome, and I have a crush on the towel underneath the plate. I’ve been looking for a similar one forever! May I ask where you purchased it?

    • Hi Celine! To tell you the truth, I have no idea. It must be my mother’s – I think I found it in a box wrapped around my grandma’s waffle iron when we moved last year. I’ll ask my Mum about it! I wish I didn’t live so far away, I’d be happy to give you this one. It’s not that pretty anymore, though (it’s got a few stains on it). Let’s hope my mother knows more :)

        • Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, Celine! Towel update: I visited my parents a few days ago and we went looking at the shop where my mother originally bought the pink & white towel, but they didn’t sell them anymore (turns out she bought them about 10 years ago). I did find out that she still has quite a few of them at home, though, and they haven’t been used much so they’re in better condition than mine! :) If you like maybe I could send you one (or more! we also have blue ones)

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