Market log: samosas, spanakopita, colourful carrots and a lot of dill (with bonus rabbit video!)

(Nederlandstalige versie)

This is what I lugged home from the market last month:

Haagse Markt, 10 December 2014

Two bunches of ripe bananas, five fennel bulbs, six bunches of dill, a bag of red onions, a bag of carrots in various colours, two heads of broccoli, and two pineapples; all for 7 euros.

Many stalls at The Hague Market sell their vegetables in 1-euro portions and those are the ones I usually go for: it’s easy see which deals are good value, and it’s convenient to pay whole euros in cash. The quantities you end up with are larger than what you’d buy at the supermarket, but I enjoy finding new ways to eat the same vegetables without growing tired of them. I know how to deal with multiple bunches of bananas by now (they’ll end up in baked goods or oatmeal porridge) but I’d never bought six bunches of dill before. I was afraid I’d be eating nothing but dill-flavoured foods for a week, and that’s almost what happened:

Roasted vegetables, dill hummus, dill bread

This was dill bread with dill hummus and roasted vegetables. I really enjoyed both the bread and the hummus, but I’m glad I decided not to add extra dill to the vegetables themselves. Oh, and don’t you love how those purple carrots look?

Roasted purple carrots with dill and sunflower seed dip

These are more of the purple and orange carrots that I roasted with cumin, paprika, en chili powder and served with a dill dip made with sunflower seeds. It’s a pity that the bright purple doesn’t really show in the pictures (they almost look burnt, but that’s dark purple) – I’ll take a better photo soon.

I ended up spending quite a bit of time cleaning and sorting the dill and part of it was already going slimy, so maybe next time it would be better to pay a bit more for one beautiful bunch. On the other hand, I now have a large supply of dill in the freezer and I got a lot of suggestions on how to use it up over at the (Dutch) NVV forum.

Spanakopita Pineapple chutney with lentil samosas

On the left: One of those suggestions was spanakopita, which had been on my cooking list for a while. I looked at a few recipes (including those from Vegan with a Vengeance and The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen) and made my own version using frozen spinach, tofu, onion, garlic, capers, olives, herbs, and lemon juice. A lot of recipes add nutritional yeast to the tofu to imitate feta, but I had just used up the last of mine and I thought the olives fitted in nicely as well. My phyllo pastry always falls apart so when I couldn’t form any more triangles I switched to little ramekins.

On the right: a pineapple chutney (which was a little dark because of the brown sugar) and samosas filled with lentils, potatoes, and yellow carrots. I used the method described here and made a filling with what I had on hand. It takes a bit of time, but I really enjoy making samosas (and eating them).

Other things we made: marbled banana bread from the PPK, a failed banoffee pie, oatmeal porridge with banana, broccoli and potato mash, broccoli soup with dill, popcorn with dill (which was recommended to me by Bianca), fennel salads, and the roasted roots with apple and rosemary from the cookbook River Cottage Veg Every Day! (loved this recipe).

And now for some actual rabbit food: I had a few carrots left over when I went to my parents for the holidays, so I thought I’d bring them along to let our rabbit try them. Then I read this post about a rabbit-friendly Christmas menu on Iris’s blog and we decided that Amina should also get a nicely plated Christmas lunch:

Bunny meal

Thin slices of purple and white carrots, parsley and coriander along the edge, and a small kale leaf with an apple heart in the middle. View the video below (or click here) to see how she liked it. (She was moulting at the time, so that’s why her fur looks a little shabby!)

She didn’t clear her entire plate (she had to get back to hopping around the garden) but I do think she enjoyed having a little taste of everything. :)

18 thoughts on “Market log: samosas, spanakopita, colourful carrots and a lot of dill (with bonus rabbit video!)

  1. Mmm, geroosterde wortelen! De laatste tijd rooster ik mijn groenten heel vaak. Super gemakkelijk en overheerlijk! En die paarse wortelen zijn echt heel mooi hé! Dat filmpje van je konijntje is echt te schattig :)
    P.S.: Heel erg bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn blog! Altijd fijn om nieuwe bloggers te ontdekken. Ik volg je blog nu ook via Bloglovin’

    Sofie x

    • Ehm, ja, die zin was nog niet helemaal goed… Je bent echt zo creatief met die enorme hoeveelheden van een soort groente / fruit… Ik heb meestal een of twee gerechten die ik echt lekker vind (venkel: venkelsalade met walnoot, citroensap, peer, zout of geroosterd in de oven, that’s it) en dan houdt het wel op…

      • Ik heb de neiging om overal soep mee te maken, maar ik probeer nu m’n blog als extra motivatie te gebruiken om nieuwe dingen te proberen. :) Venkel is echt een van mijn lievelingsgroenten! <3 In salade vind ik het heerlijk (liefst met sinaasappel) maar ook in soep (als romige gepureerde venkelsoep of door groentesoep met prei, wortel en peterselie of in tomatensoep) of in risotto of pasta of uit de oven inderdaad, mmm.

  2. OH MY GOD!!! Amina is sooo cutee ^.^ You have the cutest little rabbit and I bet she enjoyed the wonderfully arranged christmas plate. All the “human food” looks delicious as well, especially the samosas (these have been on my to-cook-list for so long). So cool you’ve made the dill popcorn! Dill bread with dill hummus sounds really good and it looks great! Beautiful pictures, Bonnie, as always :)

    • Thanks Bianca! :D I’ve found samosas to be pretty easy now that I have access to spring roll wrappers – I hope you get to make them sometime soon. :)

      • I hope so too! Looking at yours have made me so hungry. Next time when I’m at the Asian Market, I’m getting me some spring roll wrappers. No excuses this time ^.^

  3. Wat een prachtig bordje met de groene decoratie! Naar zoiets ben ik al een tijdje op zoek. Het broodje klinkt geweldig..
    De ananas chutney ziet er zalig uit, ik denk juist dat de bruine suiker een goede keus is :-)

    • Dankje Danielle! Dat bord (Het is een dinerbord trouwens, maar ik denk dat het kleiner lijkt op de foto. Het broodje was dus ook best een hele maaltijd, haha.) heb ik van mijn oma gekregen. Ik zal eens kijken of ik erachter kan komen waar het vandaan komt. :)

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