VeganMoFo 2013: Budget food

VeganMoFo 2013!
VeganMoFo 2013 has begun! All month long, hundreds of bloggers from around the world will be filling your internets with awesome vegan food ideas. Inspired by a thread on the Dutch NVV forum about eating healthily on €10 a week and a budget challenge organised by Alynda from De Plantaardige Keuken, I will spend this month blogging about budget food. I feel like most of my meals are already pretty inexpensive, but think there are still a few things I could save money on. I’ll be posting about cheap market finds, budget-friendly meals, home-made alternatives for foods I would normally buy, and any other tips I come across. I’ll try to calculate the cost for each meal as well (though these will probably be estimates—I have some ingredients I bought on sale years ago and I have no idea how much they cost!).

I haven’t set a specific budget for this month, but I’d just like to spend as little as possible while still eating a varied and interesting diet. That’s why I’m so glad to have a good market nearby, as cheap fresh produce makes it pretty easy to keep your meals exciting. Here’s what I bought there two days ago:

I got a bag of plums, 5 courgettes, 8 leeks, 7 red and yellow peppers, 1 big head of broccoli, 21 bananas and a bag of spinach. All for €7! If I’d gone to the supermarket I would’ve paid at least three or four times that amount, especially for the fair trade bananas. Okay, supermarket bananas would probably be in better shape, but these were still fine on the inside and I actually like them this way! They’re very ripe so they’re perfect for oatmeal and baked goods and they keep well in the freezer. I’ll still have to go to the supermarket for things like flour and beans, but I’ve got most basic of the ingredients in my cupboard already so I don’t think I’ll have to buy much for now. It’s good to start the week with a fridge full of vegetables!

Happy MoFo everyone :)

10 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 2013: Budget food

  1. That is amazing! I often go for my veggies on the market too. All though those bananas really are too ripe for my taste. But I think it is great that you still can use them :) I am curious what you will make with all the courgettes and the leeks! I will be following you :) Uniflame from She Likes Bento

    • Thanks Uniflame! :) Yeah, I mostly use the really brown bananas mashed up in cakes or porridge. I prefer the yellow ones for regular snacking :) Looking forward to your MoFo posts as well!

  2. Ah lekker een markt in de buurt! In mijn woonplaats is alleen markt wanneer ik aan het werk ben in een andere stad :-( Ik probeer wel naar een markt te gaan op mijn vrije dag, maar daar zijn de parkeerkosten weer belachelijk duur dus dat heeft ook geen zin.

    • Jammer dat er bij jou geen markt handig in de buurt zit! Daar moet je maar net geluk mee hebben inderdaad. Deze is gelukkig op maandag, woensdag, vrijdag en zaterdag open, en zeker de moeite waard om af en toe naartoe te gaan. Maar gelukkig zijn er bij winkels als de Lidl ook vaak goede groenteaanbiedingen :)

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