Seaweedless sushi

(Nederlandstalige versie)

Sushi without nori

I added “make sushi that I like” to my food resolutions because the first time I tried sushi, I liked all of it except for the nori. I’ve since gotten over that problem, but I still wanted to make a plate of sushi without using seaweed (especially because the nori that I’d forgotten in my cupboard has gotten so old that it’s starting to fall apart). I’m still very much of a sushi noob but I had fun making these anyway.

I used the instructions from 500 Vegan Recipes to make the tofu pouches on the left. The recipe really only has a few steps: you  deep-fry and marinate tofu slices and then they’re ready to stuff. I followed the recipe pretty loosely but they still seem to have turned out very well, although I’ve never used pre-made inari-age so I can’t say how they compare.

We were getting hungry by the time all the tofu slices were done frying so I kept the rest of the sushi pretty simple. I made the rolls using rice paper, which works well though it doesn’t add much in terms of flavour — a good option for nori-haters. I only had circles of rice paper so I used two overlapping sheets to make the roll. Square sheets would be ideal. I filled the rolls with fried tofu strips, avocado, and stir-fried aubergine and carrot matchsticks.

The rest of the toppings are aubergine and carrot with sesame seeds and avocado and watermelon with IKEA’s seaweed caviar (so the sushi wasn’t entirely seaweedless after all!). The watermelon was my favourite so we had some more on the side — enjoy those summer fruits while you can! :)