London: Vx – an all vegan shop!

Vx Storefront

After our delicious lunch at the Gallery Cafe, we filled our afternoon with sight seeing and shopping at fun shops, including Vx (pronounced v-cross), a completely vegan store in King’s Cross! Vx is the home of the Secret Society of Vegans, so the store carries all of their clothing and accessories, but they sell lots of other awesome products as well. I really wanted to check out this place because it’s just so much fun to shop at a store completely packed with vegan goodies!


They sell everything from shoes to cupcakes and I was especially excited to try some of the vegan baked good and other treats. Here’s a little list of what I got:

A cupcake by Ms Cupcake: I think the one I got was a Triple Chocolate Cupcake, but whatever it was, it was perfect! I took it with me in a little box so it got a bit squashed on the way to the B&B and I couldn’t get a pretty picture of it. Definitely have a look at Ms Cupcake’s website, though, because there are some gorgeous pictures over there! I’d love to try more of her cupcakes if I ever get the chance.

An SSOV hoodie and mug: The hoodie is super warm and soft and comfy! Thankfully the weather currently isn’t so cold that I need such a warm sweater, but I’m sure going to be glad to have it when winter comes around. Plus I love buying my clothing from vegan companies, so that is great as well. The mug is a bit silly but I couldn’t resist. Ha.


Mexican-style Creamy Sheese: Sheese is a brand of vegan cheese that I’ve been looking forward to trying. Vx only had one of their products, which was this Mexican-spiced cream cheese. I only tried it once so far (on a slice of bread), and I thought it was tasty but not super impressive. It’s good, but I guess I really wanted to try something new, and apart from the spices, this didn’t seem to be all that different from the Tofutti cream cheese I usually get over here. I would really like to try the solid blocks of Sheese someday, because those look really interesting and different from vegan cheeses available over here. I still have most of the tub of Creamy Sheese to finish, though. I’m just not sure how to serve it. Just spread on a bagel with veggies and avocado maybe? Any suggestions?

Organica Vegan Hazelnut Nougat & Dark Chocolate bar: Yum! The bar was tasty, but nothing outstanding so I probably wouldn’t buy it very often even if I had access to it.

Trios Fudge Filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies: Score! At least, I expect I’ll love these – I haven’t opened the package yet! I’m thinking I could make some of those enticing Oreo Cupcakes with them… that would be amazing. I just haven’t tried one yet because I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat them all before they go bad, and that would be a terrible waste! So I’m just going to hang on to these and hopefully I’ll be able to make something delicious with them someday.

A Whole Earth Sparkling Elderflower Drink: Woooh! Remember how I said I love the Whole Earth drink we had at Rootmaster and the Elderberry drink I had at the Gallery Cafe? (I know you don’t, but bear with me here) Well, combine the two and you get this! It’s a delicious elderflower softdrink sweetened with agave AND I recently found out can get this near my home, too! Excellent.

I think that’s all I bought at Vx – all such lovely vegan products! And because they were so packed with goodies, I kind of wish I could’ve tried even more. For instance, I saw these huge (and I mean huge) cookies that looked delicious and they had a few types of vegan ice cream, too, but we just weren’t able to buy (and eat) all of those at the same time. I’m really happy I got to try out all these wonderful treats, though!

London: The Organic B&B, Ha Ha Veggie Bar

Hi again! I have a bunch of things I want to post regarding my London trip, so I’ll split it up into several posts – otherwise it would probably be one maaaasssive read.

I had only been to London once before, and that was during a school trip, which meant most of our days were packed with sight seeing. I had loads of fun, and it was definitely great to be able to see so many different things each day. However, my boyfriend and I agreed that it’s also good to relax and enjoy your surroundings when you’re on holiday, so we made sure to include both of those things during our trip! We did some lovely sight seeing and shopping, but also enjoyed a few perfect sunny moments in London’s beautiful parks.

That school trip I mentioned also required all students to stay with host families, which was a great experience as my host family was incredibly friendly and helpful. They cooked vegan food for me, and made sure it was gluten free, too, to suit another student’s requirements. How awesome is that? Since it was a school trip and the family provided most of the meals, though, I didn’t get the opportunity to try much of the fabulous food that London restaurants have to offer. However… I think I made up for that during my latest holiday. We ate at six vegetarian restaurants, and four of them were all vegan!

Organic B&B London

I’m happy to say that we also found the perfect place to stay. I spent some time searching for affordable accommodation online and finally stumbled upon this Organic Bed & Breakfast (I think it’s also called the Holly House, though they don’t mention that specifically) located in Ealing, West London. I’d figured we didn’t really need a vegan-friendly place specifically, as there would be plenty of places to get food, and I’d expected a B&B like this to be more expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is this place affordable, but it is all organic, offers a vegan breakfast, and the house is just beautiful as well! I didn’t take many pictures during my stay there, but I encourage you to check out their website and look at the pictures there – it’s such a lovely place! The family living there was super friendly as well, and they were more than happy to give recommendations for vegan-friendly restaurants and shops in the neighbourhood.

You can see the few photos that I did take in the picture above – breakfast! I had soy yoghurt with muesli, tea, bagels, and fruit that morning. They also make pancakes, but we didn’t end up trying those (though I would’ve liked to, I’m sure they’d be delicious…). The breakfast was good and it was excellent to get a decent meal right at the B&B, but there were so many other places we wanted to try that we only ended up having breakfast there on the first day. It was fun, though, especially since we were able to enjoy our meal at one big table together with the other guests staying there at that moment.

Anyway, after enjoying our breakfast at the B&B, we took the tube to Camden and spent the day at the market. We had fun walking around and looking at all the different stalls, but we also found it was all mostly clothes and food, and we didn’t end up buying anything. Still, we really enjoyed ourselves, and I was especially thrilled when we happened to find this veggie bar just when we were thinking about having lunch!

Ha Ha Veggie Bar - Camden Lock, London

Ha Ha Veggie Bar is a small little take out restaurant in Camden Lock that sells vegan burgers, hot dogs, and falafel – in fact, everything they sell is vegan except the cheese, as you can see on their menu:

Menu at Ha Ha Veggie Bar

This place was such a little gem to discover! We got a burger and a hot dog, and while the food wasn’t anything spectacular, it was definitely tasty (and cheap!). The girl working there was very friendly and the location is so convenient, as well – I’d love to go back!

Original Burger from Ha Ha Veggie Bar

Here’s a picture of my boyfriend’s burger (the “Original” – a superseed patty on a bun with mayo, lettuce, and onion). The patty was soft and not as chewy as you might expect from a veggie burger – more like a bean patty. Still, it was very tasty, and my boyfriend mentioned that he really liked the mayo they used, too (I think it was Plamil egg free mayonnaise).

Hot dog from Ha Ha Veggie Bar

And here’s the hot dog I chose, with ketchup and mustard and sautéed onions. I really liked it, though I think I’ve had vegan sausages that were even tastier than this one (I have no idea what brand they used).

Mmm, thinking back about this place makes me hungry. There were more vegan eats we found in Camden, but those will have to wait for a future post – I’m off to have a quick dinner now before I go to the cinema.

located in Ealing, West London.

Organic treats!

It’s a good thing I happened to read Suzette’s blog this morning, as her post about organic farms reminded me that there was actually an event at a farm in my neighbourhood, too. So, since my mother and I were planning on heading in that direction anyway, we decided to stop by for some vegan cupcakes and other goodies. I had actually been to this farm before, so I was happy to find some of the things I remembered liking then, and I also got the opportunity to try some other products. We only had time to stay for a little while, but look what we got:

Organic goodies

In this picture:

Rosie’s Cupcakes: probably the main reason I really wanted to go – it’s not often I get to try vegan cupcakes that I didn’t bake myself! There were four different kinds today, so we tried them all. You can check out all available flavours on Veggierose’s website, though I’m not sure if those are entirely the same as the ones we got. In any case, they were all delicious. I really liked the combination of dried fruit and flowers in two of the cupcakes (the lavender and rose petal ones). The apple pie cupcake was sugar free, but still as deliciously sweet as the other ones, and I really enjoyed the chocolate cherry cake as well. I think these are definitely healthier than the cupcakes I usually make, and there’s a nice variety of flavours to choose from, so I recommend trying these little cakes out if you get the chance!

Nashi pear juice: I got to try samples of two different juices at the KWAKO Fruitteelt stall, and this pure nashi pear juice was my favourite. I hadn’t heard of this Japanese kind of pear before, but apparently it’s very juicy and refreshing – I’d love to try a whole, fresh one someday.

Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate with Chilli: This little chocolate bar caught my eye because I knew it was one of the foods on the UK Vegan 100 list that I posted about during VeganMoFo last year. I’d been meaning to try the product ever since, so now I finally have the chance! I haven’t actually tasted it yet, though, but it looks promising.

A Lovechock Pure/Nibs bar: Lovechock is raw organic chocolate made in Amsterdam – have a look at their website, if you like. This was my first time trying raw chocolate (guess I can check that off my Vegan 100 list, too!) and since there were free samples of all three flavours, I was able to pick my favourite before buying an entire bar. Lovechock’s flavours are Pure/Nibs, Goji/Orange, and Almond/Fig. I thought they were all tasty, but the first one really had the most dark chocolatey deliciousness, so that one’s my favourite.

And lastly, China White Monkey Tea from Thieme’s Echte Thee: This stall had various types of tea to choose from, which made it difficult for me to pick one, since I like tea, but really don’t know much about it. Luckily, they offered us a delicious sample of their White Monkey tea, and we decided to buy a bag to take home. It’s really mild and lovely – I just had a cup of this tea earlier this evening and it was perfect.

And then, as you can see, we got some organic veggies as well. Oh, and most of these website links I gave are in Dutch (so I’m sorry if you can’t read most of it), and I guess most of the products are only available locally, as well. Still, if you get the opportunity to try any of them, I highly recommend checking them out! Especially the cupcakes :)