Tiny tomatoes, sushi bowls, and pumpkin naan + VeganMoFo 2018

It’s that time of year again. Today is the first day of the Vegan Month of Food! In case you’re not familiar, VeganMoFo is an annual blogging event that challenges you to post about vegan food every day for a month. There are weekly and daily themes to inspire you. The prompt for day one: introduce you!

My name is Bonnie, I live in the Netherlands, and this is my eighth (I think?) time participating in VeganMoFo — although I’m pretty sure I only managed 31 blog posts during one of those years. This year I’ve decided to participate through Instagram instead of my blog, hoping this will give me lots of time to check out other people’s posts in addition to making my own. I had meant to plan ahead and photograph lots of meals in advance, but I’ve been ill and have had very little interest in food — not ideal. So we’ll see how this goes! You may just be seeing a lot of pictures of vegetable soup. :) Luckily, I also have a little backlog of photos I haven’t shared before.

As you may know, one of my favourite ways to cook is to go to the outdoor market, pick up beautiful and inexpensive fruits and vegetables, sit down with all my cookbooks to decide what I’m going to cook throughout the week, then prepare a bunch of new dishes and take pictures for my blog. In reality, of course, I don’t always have the time — so I often end up making the same recipes again and again. Still, I love trying new things when I get the chance! Here’s a market haul from two years ago (oops) that I didn’t get around to posting at the time:

Kabocha pumpkins, avocados, small courgettes, yellow tomatoes, red onions, fresh parsley and coriander, dried oregano, risotto/paella rice, tiny red tomatoes and mushrooms. It’s been so long that I don’t remember the total cost, but it’s usually €1 per vegetable.

I loved these tiny tomatoes so much! They’re small enough that you can stir them into a dish without chopping them, and I just think they look so festive. In the picture above, I used some to top my avocado crispbread next to a bowl of pumpkin soup.

On the left: I roasted some of the tomatoes to concentrate the flavour and make them last a little longer. On the right: risotto with more tiny tomatoes, green lentils and roasted courgettes.

My favourite thing I made were these sushi bowls. This was vinegared rice (I think I used the paella rice from the first picture), sliced avocado, baked tofu, pumpkin kinpira made from one of the kabochas, roasted tiny red tomatoes, marinated yellow tomatoes, and sliced courgettes tossed in rice vinegar. I just loved this combination of flavours — especially the avocado, pumpkin and tofu.

I used some kabocha puree to make this flatbread. I call it pumpkin naan because I think I just used a naan recipe and replaced the yoghurt with pumpkin puree.

Finally, we turned some of the flatbread into sandwiches filled with guacamole, lettuce, seitan crumbles and tomato salad. The seitan was a variation on the Seitan Chorizo Crumbles from 500 Vegan Recipes, one of my favourite recipes because it’s super quick and versatile.

I’m hoping to write a few more blog posts this month — otherwise, maybe I’ll see you on Instagram?

Links of the day

– Not everyone is following the themes provided by VeganMoFo HQ. This page has a list of participants with their own themes. I’m looking forward to reading more!
– YouTube kept recommending this kitten live stream (and this one) from a feral cat rescue organisation so I couldn’t resist. Of course now I can’t stop watching. I’ve found the kittens especially soothing being ill and stuck on the sofa, and I’m also learning new things about feral cats. Check them out if that sounds interesting to you too! :)

2 thoughts on “Tiny tomatoes, sushi bowls, and pumpkin naan + VeganMoFo 2018

  1. Happy Vegan MoFo! The risotto and green lentils dish looks great! I don’t have Instagram, but I’ll be sure to hop over to see your posts! And the kitten live stream sounds adorable!

    • Happy VeganMoFo to you too! And thanks for your comment. I still prefer blogs, but I suppose Instagram is a bit less time-consuming. I do love it when people manage 30 blog posts in a month! Looking forward to seeing all of yours. :)

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