Chocolate fondue and biscotti

(Nederlandstalige versie)

It’s retro day! I’ve been looking forward to reading the entries for this VeganMoFo prompt, but I didn’t have a solid plan myself. I wanted to make something in my Mum’s old Wonder Pot, but we didn’t have all the parts. Then I started to look through old cookbooks, and while I found a few amusing recipes, I didn’t see anything I would actually like to eat. I thought I might skip this prompt until I saw this post by Jo from Hello Seedling: fondue! Even if I couldn’t make a full savoury fondue spread, I figured I could at least do chocolate fondue for dessert.

Chocolate fondue

Fresh berries are probably my favourite for chocolate fondue, but we had bananas and those were nice too. I also made a batch of vanilla and almond-flavoured biscotti. They were basically one of the recipes from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar with all the mix-ins left out because we’d be dipping them in chocolate anyway.

This was fun! Not too much work, not overwhelmingly sweet, and I still got a retro-ish meal into my day.

Pasta with mushroom stroganoff and broccoli

Our actual dinner was mushroom stroganoff with pasta and broccoli. Stroganoff was on my to do list, I had mushrooms I needed to use up, and I saw that Sal from Alien on Toast had posted this as her retro recipe, so it must have been meant to be. My version was somewhere in between Sal’s recipe and the one in Vegan with a Vengeance, both adapted to what I had in the fridge. My fresh pasta skills still need improving, but I loved the stroganoff!

Links of the day

– Hannah from House Vegan wrote about malt shop hamburgers, milkshakes, and her love of the 1950s.
– I’ve never had a prawn cocktail, but Amy/nos.da made one with Fry’s prawns that actually sounds good! Emil from Hasta La Vegan took it one step further and made prawn cocktail waffles.
Sandwich cake!

6 thoughts on “Chocolate fondue and biscotti

  1. I looked through some old cookbooks too for ideas and ended up more or less with the same verdict as you did.
    Some retro recipes never loose their appeal–stroganoff is one of those for me.

    • I did enjoy paging through 70s cookbooks even if I didn’t make anything. One recipe I came across was a hollowed out bread roll stuffed with plum compĂ´te, coated in egg white, breaded, and fried in butter. It doesn’t sound terrible flavour-wise — but breaded bread?

  2. Fondue! What a great idea! It has been years since I last had fondue, I think the last time was a vegan cheese fondue, but I’ve always enjoyed chocolate fondues too. However I can only eat 2-3 pieces of fruit with warm chocolate. I thought this prompt was really, really hard. But I’m terribly unorganized this year, so even easier prompts wouldn’t help me :D

    • Yeah, the fondue was pretty rich, and this small portion was plenty for the two of us. I feel like I used to eat so much more of it at birthday parties when I was little! That may be because my most recent version had more cocoa and less sugar (probably).
      I love the prompts so far, but some are challenging! I probably won’t be able to execute them all even if I do have ideas. If I can’t do one I’ll just keep reading and commenting instead. :)

      • Yeah.. I’ll just stick to the reading :D and try to do my best (at least on IG). When I was little I had no problem with eating huuuge amounts of chocolate but now I often consider chocolate fondues or other desserts “too sweet” after a few bites :) Nevertheless seeing your chocolate fondue photos totally set me in the mood for making it again, even if it is only for 2-3 bites :)

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