Seitan stew from De Groene Keuken and lemon sago pudding from Little Vegan Bear

(Nederlandstalige versie)

The eighth day of this Vegan Month of Food is all about reaching out and making new vegan friends! I figured this would be a great opportunity to hop onto Randomofo and stop by more blogs I hadn’t commented on before, and to tell you about my dinner from yesterday, because I made two new recipes that I discovered during the first week of MoFo.


Sara from De Groene Keuken posted this seitan stew as her recreated restaurant meal on Sunday, and I wanted to try it right away. Now, I know my picture doesn’t do the recipe justice (I just wish I’d added some fresh herbs or something) — but aren’t the ugliest dishes often the most delicious? This stew has caramelised onions, mustard, soy sauce, brown sugar, and vinegar, among other things. I cooked it for about two hours and kept adding more of the stock I’d boiled the seitan in, so it was super flavourful by the time it was done cooking. I wasn’t sure about which vegetables to pair it with, but I had peas in the freezer and they went quite well with the chips and stew.

This was also my first time making seitan by kneading plain wheat flour and washing out the starch instead of using vital wheat gluten. It was much easier than I’d thought, and kind of fun!

Lemon sago pudding

For dessert, I made the lemon sago pudding that Caeli from Little Vegan Bear posted for the childhood meal theme last week. I’d had a jar of pearl sago in my cupboard ever since I’d bought it for this delicious seitan recipe, so I was excited to use it in a sweet dish too. It may not look very appetising (I may have made mine a bit too thick, and I can see why Caeli calls it frog’s eggs!), but I thought it was really tasty and so simple to make. I’ve made pudding with tapioca flour before and really hated the slimy texture, but I thought these little balls were much more pleasant to eat.

Links of the day

– Check out this photo of Sonja from Tartes and Recreation — she’s helping out at her local VoKü to cook meals for thousands of refugees Munich, Germany.
– I saw a few bloggers interviewing each other for today’s theme – such a fun idea! I enjoyed reading these interviews with Kyra and Bianca.


10 thoughts on “Seitan stew from De Groene Keuken and lemon sago pudding from Little Vegan Bear

    • Ja, was heel erg lekker, dankjewel voor het recept! :D Ik had nog nooit zo’n stoverij gemaakt, dus ik ben blij dat jij het er ook goed uit vindt zien. :)

    • Aww, thanks Lysette! I was afraid the seitan would be a failure, but it was so easy. It just took some kneading and washing, and a whole bag of flour to make a few pieces of seitan — but gluten flour can be hard to find, so it’s nice to know that this method works too.

  1. Thank you so much for linking to our interviews :D I was so excited to see that randomofo is up! Yeah – I absolutely love that stuff and could spend hours clicking through all the exciting posts. The seitan dish looks so flavorful and delicious! And I absolutely love making seitan by washing out flour, it’s quite a bit of work…but I find it really relaxing :D

    • I was surprised how easy it was! I’d still prefer gluten flour for quick seitan crumbles and burgers, but this plain seitan seems perfect for stews and sauces where it can absorb all the flavours of the dish.

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