Flatbread and falafel

(Nederlandstalige versie)

There are few meals that can’t be improved by adding good fresh bread, and from the MoFo posts I’ve seen today, I think most of us agree that trying to choose the best sandwich ever is both impossible and pointless. Instead, I’ll just add another great sandwich to the ones that have already been posted today.

Now, I know from listening to The Sporkful that not everyone considers wraps and flatbread to be proper sandwiches, and I see their point. But why would we exclude them when they’re so delicious? They have the same basic components as other sandwiches. I think the perfect sandwich is different for every person and every occasion, so I like sandwiches like these:

Flatbread with falafel and toppings

You make a big stack of flatbreads, decide on a few fillings, and surround them with little bowls of everything you have that looks good, then everyone assembles their own sandwich the way they like it. Today, I tried to recreate a falafel sandwich that I love from Maoz: falafel (recipe from Jerusalem), hummus, aubergine, and as many veggies as I can fit on top. (There were actually a few more toppings that didn’t make it into the photo — it was too dark to take pictures indoors so I’d put everything outside, but then it started raining and I had to rush back inside for fear of soggy flatbread!)

Oh, and those are waffle-cut potato crisps on the top left. So good! I make them by using a waffle cutter that looks more or less like this. They’re more annoying to cut than regular crisps or chips, but I had to make them for Best Sandwich Night.

Links of the day

This post from Rosie’s Vegan Kitchen and this post from Flicking the Vs just made me realise I should have put those waffle crisps IN my sandwich instead of on the side. D’oh!

14 thoughts on “Flatbread and falafel

  1. I agree I see their point but it’s also quibbling over the same thing. less leaven-er, right? Seems silly when I think of it like that :) And with flat breads you can stuff in more veg!

    • One of the arguments is that in order to have a sandwich, you need to have two pieces of something sandwiching something else, and flatbreads/tortillas are a single piece of bread. But I agree, the structure of a wrap helps if you don’t want your veggies to fall out as you’re eating.
      Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. You’ve definitely got the making of an epic falafel creation there!

    I understand the sandwich purists’ point of view, but hey, wrap anything in bread and stuff it with delicious things and it provides the same sort of satisfaction…I’ve been salivating all day over the sandwich posts–bread, wraps and all.

  3. ohhh I haven’t thought about including flatbreads into the sandwich prompt. Then falafel wraps would be my favorite too :D I only had the pleasure of Maoz falafel once (in NY), even my parents tried and loved them (and they are usually very, very skeptical when it comes to vegan food)

    • Oh yeah, love Maoz! They used to be my go-to falafel place in Rotterdam and Leiden, but unfortunately there’s no Maoz in The Hague.

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