Peanut butter & sugar beet syrup (and more unusual food pairings)

(Nederlandstalige versie)

Stroop met pindakaas

The fourth day of this Vegan Month of Food is all about weird food combinations. Unfortunately (though I love this idea!) I haven’t been able to think of anything truly bizarre. However, there is one combination of toast/sandwich fillings I’ve grown up eating that I know some people consider a little strange …

Stroop met pindakaas

… and that pairing is stroop met pindakaas. I feel like I have to say it in Dutch because I’ve heard it so many times it sounds like one word to me, and “peanut butter and sugar beet syrup” just doesn’t sound right. You may not think this looks like a weird pairing at all — it’s not that different from peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and honey — and I agree! But to me it’s always been something that only people on my Dad’s side of the family seem to like, and everyone else seems to think it’s gross. It’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw today’s prompt.

Links of the day

I’m seeing so many posts involving peanut butter today! I think we can conclude that peanut butter goes well with just about anything, so none of these pairings actually qualify as weird. Here are a few non-PB pairings that caught my eye today.
This hot chocolate with cheddar by Pepa Jobo was my favourite (weirdest).
Crisps/chips with jam (from Christykramer) sounds pretty weird too, though I guess jam isn’t that far removed from chutney or ketchup.
– Another sweet/savoury pairing: these potato pancakes served with both tomato spread and mango apple sauce by Homo Culinarius. I’d love those toppings served separately, but I’m not sure about the combination.
These lasagne noodles with cooked plums from Vegancookbookaddict are a kind of deconstructed pierogi, so the presentation is unusual, but the dish sounds super delicious.
– Finally, I don’t think this blackcurrant and lavender pie from Seitan is my Motor is weird at all, but it looks so beautiful I had to share a link. :)

11 thoughts on “Peanut butter & sugar beet syrup (and more unusual food pairings)

    • I’m pretty sure 50% of the posts I saw yesterday involved peanut butter. :) It’s interesting that we all seem to consider it weird when we love it so much!

    • I’m not sure what to compare it to. Maybe molasses? It’s quite thick but it doesn’t have a very strong flavour other than being sweet. I’m sure other syrups would be good too. Now I want to try it with golden syrup!

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