Cucumber noodles, tomato toasties, and redcurrant pie

(Nederlandstalige versie)

First of all, great news: the blog roll for this year’s Vegan Month of Food is now available at the HQ! Head over there to see all of the blogs participating this month.

And now for today’s topic: quick, easy, and delicious meals. Unfortunately, quick dishes aren’t really my specialty. I like to take my time when I’m cooking something new, and when I need something quick, I tend to make the same things over and over. But before we get to the meals, let me show you what I got at the market two weeks ago:
From the market
6 courgettes for €1, 8 cucumbers for €1, 5 fennel bulbs for €1, 3 containers of lettuce (rocket and bull’s blood) for €1, 27 tomatoes for €1, 7 red peppers for €1, 3 bunches of herbs (parsley, coriander, mint) for €1, 5 bread rolls for €1, 3 pomegranates for €1, 2 containers of redcurrants for €1, a jar of peanut butter for €4, and a package of yeast for €2.95. 

Cucumber noodles
The quickest, easiest, most delicious thing I made were these cucumber noodles with peanut sauce and coriander. Maybe “noodles” is a little misleading because it’s more like a spicy salad, but anyway — they were super tasty and refreshing. I used my julienne peeler to slice the cucumber (a regular vegetable peeler or a spiraliser would work too) and mixed it with peanut butter, soy sauce (kecap manis), chilli sauce (sambal oelek), fresh coriander/cilantro, and a few pickled chillies.

Tomato toastie
Another quick & easy meal: toasties! I considered doing a whole post about toasties for today’s prompt, but I realised I don’t know that many good vegan toastie combinations. I need more ideas! These had rocket pesto and tomatoes, which was good, but maybe a little boring?

Redcurrant pie

This pie wasn’t exactly quick, but at least it was delicious. I wanted to make a frangipane with something other than almonds, so this one has sunflower seeds. I mixed in a little amaretto and cinnamon, and it tasted fine, but I’m afraid that grey colour doesn’t look very appetising.

A few other things I made: fennel and rocket soup (more or less this one with rocket/arugula mixed in); one-pot spaghetti with lentils, bull’s blood, courgettes, and tomato sauce; ravioli with a pea, rocket, and mint filling and a roasted red pepper sauce; pasta with rocket and hazelnut pesto; a parsley and mint cake; these redcurrant pancakes; fresh mint tea; oatmeal porridge with redcurrants; courgette soup; and probably other things I’m forgetting right now — some of these may show up in future MoFo posts.

Links of the day

It’s 11 p.m. as I’m writing this and all of your posts are making me hungry.
– Looks like I found my toastie inspiration! These waffle toasties from Hasta La Vegan look amazing.
– Don’t you wish you had some of this homemade nut-free-tella from Two Vegan Sisters right now? We could use it to make this banana-stuffed French toast from Ichiban Vegan.
– Salads are usually quick, and it’s easy to make them delicious — this gorgeous Mediterranean chopped salad from Boards & Knives just reminded me of that.


10 thoughts on “Cucumber noodles, tomato toasties, and redcurrant pie

  1. I was living in Ireland when the Euro came in, but we left there 9 years ago, so I’m out of touch with Euro prices, but just off the cuff, the farmers’ market prices of that lovely produce seem pretty good.

    Your cucumber noodles look really “noodle-y”, what a great idea! I can imagine it would go so well with peanut sauce and much more tender and sweet than zucchini noodles.

    As usual, everything looks vibrant and delicious.

    • You’re absolutely right, a lot of the produce at this market super inexpensive! I wouldn’t call it a farmer’s market, though, because I don’t think most of the vendors are involved in the growing of the food. (I don’t really know, but it may depend on which stall you visit — it’s a huge market).

      I really liked the cucumber noodles’ texture! They are a lot more watery than zucchini, so maybe I’ll drain them first when I make them again. Now I just served some bread on the side to mop up the sauce and juices.

  2. That toastie looks far from boring, it looks gorgeous! I am a sucker for roasted tomatoes and pesto though.
    Those noodles look awesome too, I love peanut sauce!
    Also, can’t believe how much produce you got for so little €. It really does pay to go to the markets and cut out the supermarket entirely for vegetables.

    • Thanks Rosie! Oh I love pesto & tomato too. I just need to branch out in terms of toastie fillings. :) The market has spoiled me a bit — supermarket vegetables seem so expensive now (but then the supermarket is more convenient in other ways).

    • I really liked the texture of the cucumber! The only problem is that it’s so wet. Draining the noodles first (and leaving out the core) would probably help a lot.
      I was planning on to trying other combinations with dill or mint or something else … but I kept going back to the spicy peanut version. :)

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