Friday favourites

(Nederlandstalige versie)

It’s Friday and I have favourite things I want to tell you about!

#1: When my wife was a shiitake

Rice and shiitakes
Yesterday I read the short story When My Wife Was a Shiitake, in which a man rediscovers food after his wife passes away, and I immediately felt inspired to make sushi with stewed shiitakes. I soaked my shiitakes in water, pan-fried them in oil, stewed them in water with soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce, and a pinch of sugar, and served them on top of vinegared brown rice with vegetables on the side.

#2: Pancake soup

Pancake soup!

Pancake soup! I’d heard about this before (probably on Mihl’s blog) but I decided I had to try it after reading this post by Bianca. You make a few thin pancakes, cut them into strips, and put them in your vegetable soup. They’re like noodles, but thicker and better and more like pancakes.

#3: Gewoon Vegan

Gewoon Vegan is a new website by Martine from Vegetus with photos and reviews of vegan products you can buy in the Netherlands. It’s already helped me discover a few things I didn’t know about!

#4: Vegan Easter eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs

If you’ve been to Martine’s site you already know about this, but just in case you don’t: Lidl now has several kinds of vegan chocolate eggs! Pictured above are amaretto-filled eggs (on the left), eggs filled with hazelnut praline (on the right), and a big hollow egg (in the middle). Usually solid dark chocolate eggs are the only vegan ones (in regular supermarkets, anyway) so I’m glad Lidl is giving vegans a few more options this year.

#5: Poffertjes


I finally made poffertjes in my waffle iron and that worked wonderfully and now I want to eat them every week. I did feel like these came out a little drier than the ones made in a poffertjespan, but that may have been due to the amount of fat I used. I updated my recipe so it’s now available in Dutch as well as English and in grams as well as cups.

Have a good weekend! :)

5 thoughts on “Friday favourites

  1. Bonnieee! How awesome is this?! You’ve made the Pancake Soup, that’s too cool. I imagine it must sound like a crazy person talking…pancakes in soup :D But it’s such a comforting dish from my childhood. It sure looks great!
    The poffertjes look too cute ^.^ like mini-pancakes!
    Oh my.. I didn’t know Lidl had vegan chocolate eggs. I’ll definitely will be on the lookout if they have these in our stores as well. I sure hope so :)

    • I thought it sounded excellent! I would have loved that dish growing up, too. It’s super comforting and a good excuse to have pancakes and make a few extra. :)
      Thank you for the recipe!
      I hope you can get the chocolate eggs. I just checked and it looks like they have some of the same products, but maybe not all of them. The Amaretto-filled eggs look the same: (I think the ones filled with crème de cassis are vegan as well). I don’t see the praline eggs, though — those were my favourite. :(

      • Thank you so much, Bonnie, for the additional info and for looking it up for me! I made a trip to a Lidl today and found them! I bought 2 packages of the ones with cassis-filling and 2 of the amaretto-filling. They had another kind: egg liquor but that one was obviously not vegan. I haven’t found the huge praline egg though, but maybe I just overlooked it because I didn’t have a lot of time because it was only a few minutes before closing time. I’ll try them out later in the evening. So exciting :D Yeay! Thank you so much again, Bonnie <3

        • Oooh sorry Bianca, I forgot to reply to you! Good to hear that you found some of the eggs too. The liqueur-filled ones were my boyfriend’s favourite, so I hope you like them too! Let’s hope they’ll have vegan eggs every year from now on. :)

          • They were really good (actually are, because we still have a few left :). My boyfriend preferred the cassis ones and I liked the amaratto-filled ones better, so win-win. Yes! It would be so great if they would have it every day. Let’s hope for the best.

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