Pumpkin risotto and a savoury galette

(Nederlandstalige versie)

Market haul 29 September, 2014

This was another good market day! I took a while to post these photos, so I hope I remember the prices correctly: I bought two containers of mushrooms for €1.50, a bag of spinach for €1, onions for €1, two heads of broccoli for €1, tomatoes for €1, orange peppers for €1, apples for €1, four baskets of physalis for €1, and two pineapples for €1.

Market haul 6 October, 2014

I went back again the next week and bought nine apples for €1, mini bok choy for €1, four fennel bulbs for €1, two more pineapples for €1, and the cutest little pumpkin for €0.50.

Some of the things we made with this were mushroom pizzas, other pizzas (we really like pizza), broccoli soup, mixed vegetable soups, a bok choy and orange pepper stir-fry with tofu and pineapple, pumpkin risotto, physalis muffins, tomato sauce, oatmeal porridge with apples, apple crumble, fennel salad, and an apple and onion galette.


I was especially pleased with the pumpkin, which the kind market people let me have for 50 cents because that was all the cash I had left. Don’t you love the colour? I don’t know whether it’s because it was so small or because I’m used to buying butternuts, but I just felt like it was exceptionally orange.

Pumpkin risotto Onion and apple galette
After admiring its colour, I roasted the pumpkin in the oven, blended part of it into a purée and added everything to a risotto along with some mushrooms. I used dried Chinese mushrooms because of their texture and because the soaking water could also go into the risotto along with the vegetable stock. It was a tiny pumpkin but enough for two (we had pan-fried seitan slices on the side).

The photo on the right is a savoury galette filled with apples, onions, and seitan pieces. The apples I bought during my second visit to the market weren’t very good and I really didn’t want to eat them raw. Instead, I cooked them into a thick paste with caramelised onions, herbs, and fennel seeds and baked it inside a whole wheat pie crust. I also added smoky spicy seitan bits so that the sweet flavours weren’t overpowering. Like the risotto, this is real autumn food to me, and I’d definitely make a pie like this again if I ended up with more mealy apples.

It looks like I only got pictures of two things this time! Unfortunately these days most daylight has already disappeared by the time we have dinner, so my photos are mainly of leftovers (hence the tiny plate of risotto). I wonder how other bloggers do this — do you photograph your leftovers during the day as well or do you have your own little photo studio with artificial light? I usually just end up taking much fewer food photos during winter, but I’m curious to know how other people do this.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend! <3

13 thoughts on “Pumpkin risotto and a savoury galette

  1. Grappig om te lezen hoe je omgaat met het gebrek aan licht. Ik maak ook vaak de volgende dag foto’s van de restjes, of als ik thuis werk kook ik wel eens tussen de middag. Ik heb een kleine goedkope fototent waar precies een bord eten in past, maar vorige winter is één van de bijbehorende lampjes stukgevallen en die heb ik nog niet vervangen, dus daar heb ik nu niks aan.

    • Dankje voor je reactie! Foto’s maken zonder zonlicht mislukt bij mij vrijwel altijd, maar ik heb ook nooit naar speciale lampen gekeken. Zo’n tent lijkt me we leuk! :) Is dat er zo een van de Xenos?

    • Dankjewel voor de links, Martine! Sorry, haha, beetje onduidelijk inderdaad – ik had vaak zoiets zien staan als ik door de Xenosfolder bladerde dus daar moest ik aan denken. Volgens mij lijkt die daar wel op. Leuk om al die foto’s te bekijken. De kleuren zien er in ieder geval veel natuurlijker uit dan bij gewone kamerverlichting. Ik heb ook wel tutorials gezien voor een DIY-versie van zo’n soort tent, dus misschien ga ik eens uitproberen. :)

  2. Your photos are always super pretty! I’ve read some food photography tutorials and tips & tricks lately, because I wanted to improve my skills and n#1 always was that it’s best to use some natural light, but I’m having the same problem here. I just post photos taken in the evening too, when I’m too embarrassed of the quality of my pictures later on, I can still update the posts with better photos :)

    • Oh yeah, I think I’ve gone back and changed a photo in the past. It’s useful for something VeganMoFo when you want to get your post up quickly but can’t get a good picture at the moment. Thanks Bianca! :)

  3. I love these orange kuri pumpkins. They are the most common ones over here and I almost never can resist to buy them because of their pretty colour. Pumpkin risotto sounds like a fantastic idea!

    • Oh, I didn’t know they’re called kuri pumpkins, thanks Mihl! The supermarkets have them here too, but those are usually bigger ones. I’ll happily eat any type of pumpkin/squash, though. :)

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