Watermelon salad and fig flatbread

(Nederlandstalige versie)

My usual market strategy is to start by looking for vegetables that are sturdy enough to sit at the bottom of my bag and to save vulnerable things like fruits and herbs for last. Sometimes I find so many great vegetables right away that there’s no more room and I always end up regretting that because I love fruit and it’s so inexpensive at the market! This time, the opposite happened and I came home with almost nothing but fruit.

Market day 3 September

Twelve apples for €1, a watermelon for €1, a container of dried thyme for €1, a container of strawberries for €1, lots of pattypan squash for €1, six figs for €1, and a bowl of avocados for €1.

What I used it in: oatmeal porrige with apples, watermelon salad, a watermelon smoothie with strawberries, a strawberry pie, pattypan soup, flatbread with figs and almond feta, a tiny chocolate cake with figs, guacamole, sushi with avocado and watermelon, and pattypan pizza.

I loved the look of the pattypan squash but to be honest the flavour was a little disappointing. I used them in two soups and both turned out bitter. I also sliced and pan-fried a few and put them on pizza and that was a lot better. I think stuffing and baking them may be nice as well. Better luck next time, I suppose.

The watermelon and strawberry smoothie was inspired by a post on The Friendly Fig. It made my boyfriend very happy because he loves smoothies and I like them too, though I like the fruit even more in its non-blended state (that’s almost always my problem with smoothies).

Watermelon salad

We’d had a watermelon carpaccio at De Kop van ‘t Land in Dordrecht a while ago and we loved it so much that I wanted to make something similar myself. At the restaurant, my boyfriend had a type of cheese with his watermelon and I had a vegan version with olives. This time I used the almond feta I had in the fridge and it was absolutely delicious. Other than that, it just had basil and lemon juice — I’m going to give the version with olives a try sometime, too. (I couldn’t decide what shape to slice the watermelon into and they ended up more like strange ribbons than slices, but they tasted fine!)

Flatbread with figs

The figs were so ripe I had to use them straight away (which was probably why they were so cheap) so I put them on pizza dough with red onion, rosemary, and some more almond feta. The flavours suited each other, but I thought the sweetness of the figs was overpowering. If I buy them again I need to make sure I have a good recipe to really make the most of them.

I’ve already blogged about the sushi and the salad with avocado. The strawberry pie should be coming up soon!

18 thoughts on “Watermelon salad and fig flatbread

  1. Nog nooit van gehoord, pattypan squash, ook niet van de Nederlandse benaming. Zien er grappig uit!
    Hoe heb je die watermeloen zo mooi in sliertjes gekregen? Mooi allemaal weer, ziet er zalig uit alles :-)

    • Ik had ze ook nog nooit ergens gezien, al had ik er volgens mij wel eens een foto van gezien op Suzette’s blog. Ik wil ze zeker nog eens kopen! Misschien had ik nu gewoon pech dat ze een beetje oud waren.

      En haha, nou, ik probeerde de watermeloen eerst in flinterdunne plakken te snijden maar daar was ik niet helemaal tevreden over, dus toen heb ik die uiteindelijk weer reepjes gesneden. Ik denk dat voor echt mooie carpaccio zo’n mandoline wel fijn zou werken…

    • I know! I always think avocados are a bit of a gamble but almost all of these turned out to be ripe with very few brown spots, so I had a very good avocado week.

  2. Die kleine patissons zien er wel super schattig uit, jammer dat ze bitter waren. Vijgen vind ik lekker in salade of gebak, of gewoon zo uit het vuistje.

    • Ik vond ze ook zo vrolijk! Kon ik niet laten liggen. Volgende keer moet ik misschien beter opletten dat ik alleen echt verse koop…
      En salade met vijgen moet ik inderdaad ook eens maken! :)

  3. Dat platbrood ziet er inderdaad overheerlijk uit (mijn papa zou er gek op zijn, die houdt heel hard van vijgen). Wat een prachtige buit trouwens op de markt, voor zo weinig geld! Ik heb daar nooit veel geluk mee :-p

    • Dankje! :) Heb je wel een fijne markt in de buurt? Je inderdaad een beetje geluk hebben volgens mij. Nou is die markt waar ik dit haalde ook wel héél goedkoop…

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