Physalis, almond cheese, mini omelets and romesco spread

(Nederlandstalige versie)

Here’s what I picked up at the market a few weeks ago:

Market day

Two fennel bulbs for €1, a tub of olives for €2, 17 red peppers for €1, red chillies for €1, eight aubergines for €1, two little baskets of physalis for €1, two containers of raspberries for €1,50, and half a kilo of almonds for €3,50.

Market day, 29 August 2014

I returned with two friends who had never visited this market a few days later and bought a butternut squash (€1) and three bunches of herbs (€1). We happened upon few good deals so we also bought some fruit to share (e.g. three pineapples for €1). I’m not sure why I ended up with even more bell peppers (but we had no problem eating every last one).

And here’s what we used it all for: roasted red peppers; almond cheeses; baked ratatouille with peppers, aubergine, tomato, onion, and parsley pesto; vegetable soup with fennel; chocolate sorbet with raspberries; chickpea scramble with red chillies; fennel en papillote with gnocchi; salad with physalis and avocado; crispbread with avocado and physalis; pasta with lentils, vegetables and olives; a pineapple and passion fruit smoothie; a pumpkin pot pie with chickpeas; romesco spread; and mini omelets with onion and red pepper.

I’ve already blogged about the fennel and gnocchi, the almond cheese, the chickpea scramble, the chocolate sorbet, and the pot pie. That’s what VeganMoFo does to this blog: everything gets a post of its own.

Romesco spread Mini omelets

I roasted most of the red peppers so they would keep longer. The last few went into this Romesco Spread from Isa Does It, which also allowed me to use up some of the almonds. The spread instantly became a new favourite, even though I couldn’t get it completely smooth with my stick blender. The photo on the right shows the Muffin Pan Mini Omelets from the same book with extra sautéed red pepper and onions added to the batter. These two recipes together also make a good sandwich, by the way.


Aren’t these just the prettiest? They have so many names (physalis, golden berry, Inca berry, cape goosberry) that I don’t know what to call them. One of them once accidentally rolled in with my vegetables when the salesman at the market was bagging them. That one didn’t have its little husk, though, so I thought it was a tomato until I cut into it.  Of course it tasted nothing like a tomato and I loved it so much that I picked up two baskets of the fruit the next time I encountered them.

Salad Crispbread with avocado and groundcherries

Wikipedia told me physalis is sometimes paired with avocado, so that’s what I did, in a salad and on crispbread. I used the last of the fruits to make a tiny little cake and they were excellent in that, as well, so next time I’d like to use them for muffins. If anyone has physalis recipes they’d like to recommend, I’d love to hear them!


9 thoughts on “Physalis, almond cheese, mini omelets and romesco spread

  1. I still can’t get over the fact for how little money you get all of this produce. I would pay at least double, if not triple that amount in Groningen. Or maybe I am really bad at spotting the good stuff, that’s also a possibility.

    Question: do you just buy at the market what you fancy and/or what is cheap and then plan what you eat / what you will make with it? Or don’t you plan at all and come up with such a variety of dishes when you start cooking, or…? I’m in awe with the… variety of your meals!

    • I don’t think it’s you — I just think this particular market is crazy cheap. A lot of stalls sell produce in baskets/boxes and one container is always €1. The contents can be a few heads of broccoli/cabbage/lettuce, 6 courgettes, lots of little aubergines, a watermelon, 15 bananas/parsnips/red peppers etc etc, depending on the season. I don’t know of any other market in the Netherlands that sells so much veg for so little money.

      And my current strategy is not to do any meal planning until I get home. I prefer seeing which vegetables are on sale first, because if i go with a particular dish in mind I won’t always be able to find the right ingredients (or they’ll suddenly be more expensive than the week before). Most of the vegetables end up in soups, stir fries, things like that. I only take pictures when I make something new or interesting. :) Hopefully that’ll happen more often if I continue to blog about it!

  2. Wat krijg ik toch elke keer een grappige avatar als ik een reactie bij je achterlaat :P
    Maar die Muffin Pan Mini Omelets zien er lekker uit! Ga ik direct even opzoeken in Isa Does It.
    Die Incabessen zijn lekker inderdaad, alleen nog niet kunnen vinden bij mij in de buurt. Jammer..

    • Haha ik vind die plaatjes ook zo leuk. Ze worden trouwens automatisch aangemaakt, niet dat iemand denkt dat dit mijn interpretatie is van de mensen die reageren. :p
      En jammer dat je ze niet kunt vinden inderdaad! Ik kwam ze ook nooit tegen maar de laatste paar keer lagen er steeds een heleboel op de markt.

  3. WOW! That is mind blowing you would pay your total price for all those red peppers for just ONE here actually one red bell pepper is 1.27 Euro here raspberries would be 3.09 Euro per container.

    • Wow, yes, that’s a huge difference. I almost never buy bell peppers at the supermarket anymore because I know I can get them for so much less at this outdoor market during the summer. I wish I could send you a few bags!

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