Catch-up post: market pictures

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Earlier this year I had the idea to post weekly pictures of my market purchases and use them to keep a kind of cooking diary of recipes or ideas on how to use up all those vegetables. I have been posting the market photos on Flickr but I kept forgetting to photograph the dishes themselves. My MoFo resolution is to do a better job of keeping track of those, but first, here’s a catch-up post with a few produce photos from the past months.

Market day (30 July 2014)

From the market: bananas (€1), round yellow and green courgettes (€1), three bunches of fresh parsley and coriander (€1), carrots (€1), fennel (€1), redcurrants (€1), four artichokes (€1), and two large bok choys (€1).

How we ate all this: artichokes with vinaigrette, a redcurrant cake, oatmeal porridge with bananas and redcurrants, chickpea flour pancakes with fresh herbs, and lots of soups and stir-fries with the rest of the vegetables.

Noodle soup

Apparently this soup (with miso, bok choy, udon noodles, carrots, bok choy, and edamame) is the only one of those things I caught on photo.

Market day (8 August 2014)

From the market: a bag of spinach (€1), a pineapple (€1), many tiny artichokes (€1), garlic (€1.50), a bunch of rocket greens (€1.25), yellow peppers (€1), red onions (€1), strawberries (€1), and four star fruits (€1).

How I used them: fruit smoothies, pizzas, spinach salad, marinated artichoke hearts, rocket pesto, a sweet and sour stir-fry with pineapple, yellow pepper, bok choy, and tofu, and a coconut cake with star fruit.

These artichokes had already dried out quite a bit, but I’d never found such small ones before so I didn’t want to pass them up for that price. In the end I removed almost all of the leaves and stems and boiled just the hearts. Then I marinated them in olive oil with garlic and herbs and used them on pizza, in salads and in sandwiches. That way I ended up with a large batch of fancy artichokes hearts for not much more than €1.

Coconut cake with starfruit

I had never bought star fruits before and when I came home and tried a piece, I didn’t love them. After a few days, though, the green fruits turned yellow and they became much sweeter and juicier. I used the final pieces to top this coconut cake. Not bad! But I still think their looks were more impressive than their taste.

Market day (18 August 2014)

From the market: 2 bunches of fresh coriander and parsley for €1, carrots for €1, three leeks for €1, two heads of cauliflower for €1, lots of grape tomatoes for €1, peaches for €1, two heads of lettuce for €1, courgettes for €1, lots of pears that you almost can’t see in the picture for €1, and two boxes of strawberries for €2.

And this is how we ate it: all kinds of salads, pizzas, strawberry ice cream, creamy cauliflower soup with leeks, dumplings, and chickpeas, lentil soup with vegetables, focaccia with tomatoes and parsley pesto, and a kind of shepherd’s pie with vegetables and cauliflower mash. (The picture looks sunny but it rained a lot during the days afterwards, hence the soups and cauliflower bake.)

Most weeks we just eat the fruit as is. I like making cakes and muffins, but I can’t think of many recipes that truly make my favourite fruits taste better than they already do. However, this time there were quite a few fruit flies in the kitchen trying to get to the fruit before me, so we had to use everything extra quickly.

Salad with peaches and almonds

In this salad, for example (with a peach, lettuce, red onion, courgette ribbons and chopped almonds).

Chocolate cake with pears and almonds

And OK, this chocolate cake (with pears, chocolate ganache, and sugar-coated almonds) was definitely worth sacrificing a few fresh pears as well. The base was an experiment that ended up more like a brownie than a cake and I was 100% fine with that.

These were some of my favourite market finds of the past few months. A more recent market/cooking diary should be coming up soon!


14 thoughts on “Catch-up post: market pictures

    • It is so cheap. Admittedly the quality isn’t always the best so you have to be careful not to end up with mouldy vegetables, but I think it’s definitely worth it. Sometimes they have organic or fair trade things in the same price range, too.

  1. Wat ziet het er toch altijd zalig uit zoveel groente en fruit bij elkaar :-) Ik kan ook altijd zo genieten van al dat moois wat ik mee terug neem, maar ik heb er nog nooit foto’s van genomen. Misschien maar eens mee beginnen.
    Die coconut cake met sterfruit ziet er prachtig en artistiek uit zeg :D

    • Haha, ik kan het ook vaak niet laten om er een foto van te maken als ik thuiskom. En ik vind het leuk om te zien wat mensen in andere delen van het land van de markt halen (of uit groentepakketten enzo), dus lijkt me ook leuk om jouw foto’s te zien!

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