Roti and curry

Happy second week of VeganMoFo! :) Over the weekend, the weather here has gone from nice and summery to gloomy and cold. Here’s a meal I made last week, when my kitchen was still sunny:
Roti! Surinamese roti with curry is a popular take-out meal here in the Netherlands. It’s great because there’s often a vegan option, but for some reason I don’t think I’d ever had it, and I’d definitely never made it at home. When Alynda posted about her home-made low-budget version last week, I was inspired and decided to finally give it a try as well. I mostly followed this recipe by Martine from Vegetus (in Dutch) and it was easier than I’d  thought! The curry has onions, garlic, seitan, chickpeas, potatoes, green beans (I used kouseband), tomatoes (I used a tin of peeled ones), and Surinamese masala curry powder. This part of the meal doesn’t require much effort, especially if you use frozen green beans, and it has to simmer for a while so it leaves you with plenty of time to make the bread. The roti is a simple flatbread dough filled with a spiced split pea paste.  It was a little tricky to roll out the dough while keeping the filling sealed inside so some of them had holes in the middle, but overall I’m happy with the results. Together, the whole pan of curry and the 8 flatbreads cost about €2,40. It was pretty filling, though, so we got five servings out of it. I could try to make the meal more budget-friendly by leaving out the seitan and using more legumes (though I liked the extra texture from the seitan), and I’d love to try it with tempeh as well!

9 thoughts on “Roti and curry

  1. Yeah roti is great! I also like to make it myself. It is also a great meal to make for 2 days because the next day it tastes even better :)

  2. Wow, yours looks even better than mine :-) Thanks for trying the recipe! I definitely need to make some roti when I get back from my conference and have a kitchen again.

  3. Thank you for your blog and your recipes! My daughter is spending the year in Breukelen working as an AuPair, and part of her responsibilities include sometimes cooking meals for the family. She is finding this a bit overwhelming because she is vegetarian and the family is not, though they are willing to try what she fixes. She is trying to learn what foods are common in The Netherlands and what can easily be made to please both vegetarians and those who are not vegetarian, in the same meal. And she is also trying to learn what foods you have and don’t have, compared to what she knows in the U.S.
    I will showw her your blog and peerhaps she can get some ideas! Thank you!

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