Chimichurri tempeh and beetroot risotto

Tempeh chimichurri
I’ve been finding lots of cheap fresh herbs at my local market lately. The seeds I keep planting in the pots on my windowsill don’t seem very eager to grow, so I’m glad to be able to pick up large bunches of parsley or coriander for 40 cents or less (which makes packaged herbs from supermarkets seem ridiculously expensive) and use them generously throughout the week. This tempeh chimichurri from the PPK blog was the first thing I checked off my new cooking list and it was the perfect dish to put these fresh herbs to use. I love tempeh but I often stick with a few basic recipes when I cook with it (tempeh bacon, tempeh wings, tempeh sate) so I’ve been looking for new ways to incorporate it into different cuisines. This recipe was definitely a success—fresh, flavourful, and a welcome variation on the ways I usually prepare tempeh—and I’m looking forward to making chimichurri again. My sauce did look like it would be a little too thin, so I left out some the liquid and I’m adding even mor the herbs next time.

(Also pictured above: my new mezzaluna! I was considering buying at one at a fancy kitchenware shop when I found this one second hand for only €0,50. I’m not sure that it’s actually quicker or easier to work with than a regular kitchen knife, but it is pretty fun to use.)

Beetroot risotto
This beetroot risotto was inspired by a recipe in Nadine Abensur’s The Cranks Bible. I forgot to write down what went into it, but I think I kept it pretty simple with red onion, garlic, red wine, and vegetable stock. My version ended up a little different from Nadine’s, which called for vodka (which I would love to try in risotto!) and parmesan, but it turned out lovely and I can’t wait to make it again—if only because I adore cooking with such beautiful colours. I served the risotto with a lemon-garlic cream (I used silken tofu because that’s what I had on hand, but I think something like a cashew cream or almond feta would be great here) and plenty of chopped fresh parsley.

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