Lemon asparagus quinoa toss from the Taste Space

I’m having a little trouble keeping up with VeganMoFo this year! I’ve been cooking but haven’t got around to posting as much as I would’ve liked and I keep coming across new blogs I want to follow, too – I expect I’ll still be reading all the amazing MoFo posts for a few months once October’s over. I’m not complaining, though! I’m still aiming for at least 20 posts this month, so maybe I’ll catch up by doing more than one on some days. Here’s a quick tasty meal I made last week:
Lemon Asparagus Quinoa TossI was just cooking for myself that evening and I wanted something healthy and quick. I’d picked up some green asparagus and lemons from the market the day before, so I entered those into the search bar at The Taste Space and found this recipe for a lemon asparagus quinoa toss – perfect! I hadn’t tried roasting asparagus before, but this definitely won’t be the last time. They really made this simple meal a lot more special. I loved the warm, fluffy quinoa with the garlicky dressing but I imagine this would be pretty good served cold as well.


6 thoughts on “Lemon asparagus quinoa toss from the Taste Space

  1. I know how you feel – I’m going to be catching up on reading MoFo posts for the next year!!! It seems I can either read posts or blog, and this year I’ve been pretty good about blogging!

    I love this quinoa toss — can’t wait to try it!

    • Yes, I wish I had more time so I could catch up on all the posts every day! I love having the VeganMoFo feed in my reader. I’ve been reading through it every now and then since last year’s MoFo – such a great collection of blogs!

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