Pancakes from BitterSweet and Kumquat Poppy Seed Scones

I’m super sleepy right now, so here’s a quick post about the delicious breakfast & scones I made today!
Blueberry PancakesI felt like having a nice leisurely weekend breakfast but I didn’t really want to make something elaborate just for myself when I had too many other things to do. I did have some blueberries I needed to use, though, so I was really happy to come across this Pancakes for One recipe on Hannah’s blog. Okay, most pancake recipes don’t really take very long to prepare, but I guess I just needed the reminder that sometimes it’s worth a little extra effort to make a meal a bit more special. In the end my boyfriend joined me for breakfast even though he didn’t have much time (who could say no to blueberry pancakes?) so I made a double batch of the recipe to share.

The following treat doesn’t technically fit in with my MoFo theme for this month as it’s not a recipe from a blog, but it is from one of Hannah’s cookbooks so I’m including it anyway:
Kumquat poppy seed sconesKumquat poppy seed scones! My parents came dropped by for a visit today and I wanted to make them something tasty they hadn’t tried before. I knew they love baked goods with poppy seeds and I’d just picked up some kumquats at the market, so these scones from Vegan Desserts were perfect! I hadn’t tried kumquats before but I knew I could rely on Hannah’s recipes to turn a new ingredient into an original and delicious treat.  I was a little worried these wouldn’t turn out as I had to replace the margarine with oil, but I don’t think it affected the texture too much (I froze the oil beforehand so it was solid – a trick I’d learned from Vegan Pie in the Sky) and these scones were absolutely lovely.

I hope everyone’s enjoying MoFo 2012 so far. The first week’s gone by so quickly!


9 thoughts on “Pancakes from BitterSweet and Kumquat Poppy Seed Scones

  1. Ooooh those pancakes look so good. I love blueberry pancakes and you’re right pancakes are a little extra effort but they’re totally worth it. Have you ever tried the apple pie pancakes from the PPK blog? They’re amazing!

    • Ooh, no I haven’t made those yet but you’re right, I need to! I do love adding chopped apple to pancake batter and that topping in the PPK recipe looks amazing as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Beautiful! I love Hannah’s recipes but I haven’t cooked from Vegan Desserts nearly as much as I should have. I’ll have to give those scones a try soon!

    • Thanks! :) I’ve only made a few things from the book so far, as well. I did make the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate sorbet and those were both really good.

  3. Leisurely, you say? Ha, looks like you’ve been in the kitchen all day turning ingredients into magic! Wow. What did your parents think of the scones? And that’s a great tip about freezing the oil! How do you estimate the amount?

    • Thanks Gnoe! My parents loved the scones – I should have made more :) And I just measured out 1/4 cup of oil and put that in a little bowl in the freezer. It’s still not the same as margarine (I only used it because oil was all I had) so I think the texture of these scones was a little softer than it should be, but they still tasted amazing so I’m not complaining!

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