Poppy Seed Crescent Rolls from Seitan is my Motor

When I was looking through Mihl’s recipe index for a dish to make this MoFo, I knew I would have to pick some type of bread. If you read her blog you’ll know what I mean – I’ve written about her sourdough recipe before, but Mihl’s website also has a great variety of sweet and savoury yeast-leavened breads of all shapes and sizes.

The recipe for these Poppy Seed Crescent Rolls caught my eye because it uses a pre-ferment for the dough that reduces the required kneading time, I have a jar of poppy seeds that I don’t use often enough, and well, the rolls looked really delicious and pretty.


My rolls didn’t brown as nicely as Mihl’s, but they still turned out really well and I love the shape. Why would you ever want to make rounds and loaves when you can shape your bread into crescents? I ended up making 16 rolls rather than 12 because it seemed easier than trying to figure out how to cut a rectangle into six equal triangles (this is harder than it sounds! or maybe it’s just me) so I had two baking sheets full of these wonderful little speckled crescents to share with my boyfriend. We tried them with a few different toppings over the past two days but margarine & strawberry jam were my favourite. I may add a little wholemeal flour to the dough if I make them again because I prefer bread that’s at least partially whole grain, but I’d definitely like to make this recipe again. I think their festive appearance would make them a great addition to a breakfast spread for a special occasion.

11 thoughts on “Poppy Seed Crescent Rolls from Seitan is my Motor

  1. I love that they’re shaped into crescents! I’ve never done that before, but now I’ll feel like a doof if I stick to being boring and make plain rolls. Is strawberry jam your favorite kind of jam too?

    • I love the idea of making crescents as well! It’s not the most practical shape for sandwiches and such, but I like how it makes simple white rolls look so fancy.
      And strawberry jam is definitely the jam I eat most often. It’s so simple and sweet and perfect. I think strawberries are my favourite fruit as well (but don’t tell the other fruits I said that!)

  2. They look great! But don’t you expect the taste of croissants when they’re shaped like that? I’m afraid I would (I already do;) and that I’d be disappointed. I miss croissants :(( Those are best with ‘butter’ and strawberry jam as well!

    • But it’s a shame that this fun shape seems to be restricted to one type of bread only! :) I see what you mean though – I really like the light, flaky croissants as well. I’ve been meaning to try making them but the amount of work and time required is a little intimidating…

  3. These are beautiful! I love baking bread but I’ve never tried crescent rolls before. You’re inspired me to try Mihl’s recipe soon, too!

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