VeganMoFo 2012 & English Muffins from Cooking in Color

Wait, it’s October already? I’ve participated in the Vegan Month of Food before so of course I’ve been excited to join in again to do as much food blogging as I can for a month, but I haven’t found the time to plan out my posts as much as I would’ve liked to. I do have a very broad theme though: blogs! For me, VeganMoFo is a celebration of vegan food blogs around the world and in that spirit I’d like to spend this month cooking recipes from as many different blogs as I can. Other than that my posts probably won’t be very elaborate as I expect I’ll also be busy with homework and other things, but we’ll see!

For today, I picked a recipe from Nanette’s blog, Cooking in Color. I’m always in favour of cooking with a variety of colours and I love Nanette’s photos and recipes for highlighting colourful vegetables and fruits (not to mention the adorable rabbit pictures!), but this time I was looking for a quick bread recipe, so I decided to make these no-knead English muffins.

English Muffins

I’d wanted to make my own English muffins for years and now that I’ve finally tried them, I know I’m definitely going to make them more often. They’re so easy! I love making big crusty loaves of bread but those recipes usually require quite a bit of planning ahead, so I really appreciate quick recipes that I can make on week nights as well. These muffins were perfect – they’re a no-knead bread that I can make in under an hour without even turning on the oven. And because the recipe made enough dough for 10 English muffins, I put half of them in the fridge uncooked so I could cook them in the morning with minimal effort and have fresh, warm bread within minutes.

English muffins & scramble

This evening we had some of the muffins with tofu scramble and sautéed mushrooms and tomato as a breakfast-for-dinner-style meal. The picture looks a little gloomy but this was a lovely dinner for this rainy day. And besides, I think I’d better get used to the gloominess in photos because let’s face it, it’s October and I live in the Netherlands. There’s no escaping the gloom!

Who else is doing VeganMoFo this year? Have you thought of a theme? I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts and I’m looking forward to discovering new favourite blogs as well!


7 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 2012 & English Muffins from Cooking in Color

  1. I hope you try making them too! they’re a lot easier than I’d thought (I wasn’t too precise about rolling & cutting out the dough, but they were still fine so these can be made pretty quickly).

  2. Your English muffins look better than any of the store-bought ones I’ve ever seen! I’ll try these soon. MoFo is bad for that though, because I keep on adding stuff to my to-make list, and it’ll probably feed me for the next two years. (That’s fine by me!)

    • I know what you mean! So many great posts to read and bookmark every day. I wish it was MoFo every month, but I’d never be able to keep up with all the reading!

  3. Looking good! And YAY for VeganMoFo! I didn’t plan my posts as much as I wanted (or had thought I would) either, but so far I’m keeping up. ;) Good luck!

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