Grilled yuca tortillas, baked falafel, and more summer meals

Grilled Yuca TortillasFor years I always skipped over the recipe for Grilled Yuca Tortillas in Veganomicon because I had never heard of yuca and I was sure that whatever it was, I had certainly never seen one at my local supermarket. This changed when I moved and started shopping at more different shops and markets, and sure enough, I’ve encountered this vegetable at a few different places now – it’s usually sold under the name cassava here – and I decided to finally give the recipe a try. Once I had picked up a package of frozen yuca pieces at Amazing Oriental, the dish was actually very easy to assemble: just boil and mash the yuca, add some sautéed vegetables and other ingredients, spread the filling onto a tortilla and grill until browned and crispy. I added roasted red peppers and black olives to the filling, both of which paired wonderfully with the creamy garlicky filling and provided a pretty colour contrast as well.

Now that I’ve tried this vegetable, I’d really like to make more dishes that feature yuca – I’d love to hear recipe recommendations if anyone has them!

These are a few other meals I’ve cooked this summer (I never got around to posting them so I figured I’d add them all to one post):

Falafel & sidesPictured above is the baked falafel from Appetite for Reduction served with flatbread, salad, garlic sauce, aubergine dip, and roasted red pepper spread. By the time I was done cooking, the meal was more about the sides than the falafel itself, which was fine by me – I love meals with loads of different salads and toppings. The bread is the 50/50 flatbread from The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet, which was very simple and perfect as a quick side dish. I made it in a few different sizes but the large crispy ones were my favourite.

Quinoa & black bean saladThis is a bowl of the quinoa & black bean salad with toasted cumin seeds (also a recipe from AFR) that I made to keep in the fridge for quick healthy lunches. I did think it could use a few extra add-ins so I topped it with roasted red pepper slices here. This would be amazing with avocado on top, as well. The salad seems to be packed with nutritious things and it’s pretty filling so it would be great as a healthy meal on the go!

Roasted red pepper soupI had a big bag of red peppers to use up (I got 16 at the market for €1!), so after using some in the spread and on my salads I roasted a few of them to make this soup. It was simple (mostly just peppers blended with a little stock) but so full of flavour and colour.

Baby quiche!Finally, I modified the broccoli quiche recipe from Vegan Brunch (which is also online here) to make these muffin-sized spinach tomato quiches. This dish is one of my favourites from the book because it’s so easy to adapt using whatever vegetables you have on hand. It’s also really good cold or at room temperature so this recipe is perfect for picnics, especially if you make it into mini quiches like I did! Just bake them in a muffin tin (you could probably even make them crustless, though I haven’t tried that) and reduce the cooking time a bit (mine were in the oven for about 20-25 minutes). I didn’t want to spend too much time making the crusts look perfect, but I kind of like the way they turned out – lots of crispy edges!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend!


14 thoughts on “Grilled yuca tortillas, baked falafel, and more summer meals

  1. This food looks so good! Beatiful pictures too. The frozen yuca at our local Asian shop has been staring at me for a long time, so I should give the tortillas a try.

    • Thanks Martine! :) I suspect the tortillas aren’t very low-carb but they are quite delicious! I want to make them again soon – once you have the filling and tortillas on hand they make for quick snacks.

  2. Thats ok. We don’t eat strict low carb at all so it’s not a problem. I just like the challenge of making low carb vegan food, since it is almost like unexplored territory :-)

    • Oh yeah, I really like seeing all the recipes you come up with! I love things like bread and pasta and sometimes rely on carbs a little too much for my meals, especially when I don’t have much time to eat, so it’s great to find more alternatives.

  3. I’ve had frozen cassava in the freezer for ages meaning to make those tortillas – they look great! I think the other thing I’ve used them in was the Jamaican Shepherd’s pie (also from Vcon), and I think something from Viva Vegan and something from Appetite for Reduction.

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve looked at that recipe in AFR before and I definitely need to try more things from Viva Vegan, so those are good ideas!

      • I made the yuca tortillas last night and they were great! Especially with guacamole and tropical avocado salsa fresca. Thanks for the inspiration to finally make them. :)

  4. I’ve always kinda passed that recipe by too, your picture looks so amazing though that I think I’ll have to pick up some cassava soon. That whole falafel/flat bread/sauces meal looks amazing, I need to make a meal like that asap!

  5. Your grilled yuca tortillas and falafels look awesome! I first had yuca in Colombia where they boil it, then fry it, mash it and then fry it again. Oh so good. I have to figure out how to do it without all the oil, though, haha!

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