Hagedis, Den Haag

I’ve been away from home all day and haven’t cooked a single meal. However, I do still have a few pictures of a restaurant meal we had a few months ago, so I think now is the perfect time to post them! This was the first time I ate at Hagedis in Den Haag, but it’s definitely one of the best restaurants I’ve visited so I can’t wait to go again.

SlagedisAs a starter, my mother and I both ordered the Slagedis, which was lovely. I adore fresh colourful salads during summer!

Lentil Tomato SoupMy Dad and my boyfriend both went for the lentil & tomato soup (of the day), which they assured us was equally delicious.

Bread with taqpenade and olive oilWe also ordered some bread with fig-olive tapenade on the side. While all of this was super yummy, our main course was definitely my favourite part of the meal:

Cashew fondueCashew fondue. Rich, creamy, delicious cashew fondue. My Mum and I shared this dish and my boyfriend and father must have loved it too, because they kept asking for bites! :) Chantal from de Plantaardige Keuken posted her own version of cashew fondue (in Dutch), so I’m definitely going to try this at home sometime. It was so good!

To go with the fondue, we both got a selection of breads & veggies:

Bread & veggiesI love that they offered so many different foods to dip in the cashew sauce! I especially liked the vegetables. One of my favourites turned out to be the (grilled or roasted?) carrot, which probably wouldn’t have thought of myself but it turned out to be really delicious. The plate also included potato, courgette, corn, two types of bread, a breadstick, tortilla chips, sesame seeds (to dip the fondue-coated veggies in!), and a side salad. Oh my, this meal was so good, writing this post is making me wish I could have it again! Cashew fondue is definitely going on my to-make list.

If all goes well I’ll be back to cooking in my own kitchen again tomorrow, so until then, Happy MoFoing everyone!

(I will now attempt to face my overflowing blog feed reader using an internet connection that hardly lets me load pictures. wish me luck!)


7 thoughts on “Hagedis, Den Haag

    • I’m not that big on whole cashews anymore (I think I had too much of them growing up) but I do love creamy cashew meals like this one. I just hope my blender is good enough to make something like this at home!

    • I have no idea! But I think both could work if you soak them beforehand. Maybe roasted ones would give them a stronger flavour but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…
      They add alcohol too (as you can see on the menu here) but other than that I don’t know what’s in there!

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