Tomato-Lentil Spaghetti

Hi everyone! It’s late and I don’t have much time (I should really write my posts in the morning…), so I’d like to show you one of my favourite easy pantry-friendly week-night meals, the Tomato Lentil Pasta Sauce from Vive le Vegan.

Tomato-Lentil PastaThe basic sauce recipe served over pasta is delicious on its own, but I always like to add whatever veggies I have lying around. In this case I just used onions, shallots, and carrots, but I really love adding eggplant, too. Best of all, this takes very little work but still tastes amazing! Okay, it does have to cook for 40 minutes, but if you use red lentils (like I did) it won’t take as long and you can use that time to do other things. The recipe suggests to serve with capers and pine nuts, but since I didn’t have any, I chose to cover my plate in nutritional yeast and olives instead. This dish is especially good served with a fresh, crisp salad! (unfortunately my lettuce had already gone a bit limp, which is why you can’t see much of it in the photo. shh)

I guess that concludes week one of VeganMoFo 2011! I’m off to bed now so I’ll catch up on other MoFo posts tomorrow :)


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