Ceci-Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Tomato Rosemary Scones

Ceci-Roasted Red Pepper SoupHi! This will be a quick MoFo post as I still have some homework and I’d like to get some sleep soon. The above picture shows the Ceci-Roasted Red Pepper soup from Appetite for Reduction. It was really easy and quick to prepare once I had the roasted peppers ready, and it was quite delicious and flavourful too. I hope it freezes well because I’d love to make a big batch of this for days when we don’t feel like cooking.

Tomato Rosemary SconesMore orange food: the Tomato Rosemary Scones from Vegan Brunch! I halved the recipe, added some whole wheat flour, used dried rosemary rather than fresh and reduced the sugar, and I really liked them this way! But I think I’d like them even more with other savoury ingredients added, like garlic or olives, so maybe I’ll make the recipe again with a few more modifications.

That’s all I have for today, happy MoFoing (and/or reading) everyone!


10 thoughts on “Ceci-Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Tomato Rosemary Scones

  1. These look really lovely and you photographed them beautifully! i’m inspired to try the soup and the bread as they both look so nice. Happy MoFo! x

  2. All your food is so gorgeous-looking. That is a perfect color and consistency, sounds so tasty too. Nice pairing the the tomato rosemary scones…I’m with you on the less sweet and more savory.

  3. That soup looks perfect and I bet it freezes just fine. And I’ve made a gf version of those scones and I totally agree, they’d be awesome with less sugar and more savoury ingredients

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