Burgers and Muffin Tops

When I came home yesterday after spending the weekend with my parents, I wanted to make a meal my boyfriend and I would both love: veggie burgers!

Cajun Lentil PattyWhat I liked most about this meal was that it gave me the opportunity to try three recipes from other bloggers; the Spicy Cajun Lentil Patties from Heathen Vegan, the Burger Buns from Have Cake, Will Travel, and the Marvellous Mayonnaise from Graasland. I also chose to make these burgers because I really wanted to try out this nifty burger shaper my Mum gave me:

Burger pressJust scoop the mix into the mould, press down, and there you go, a perfect patty!

Shaping Burgers!Of course it’s not that hard to shape veggie burgers by hand, but using this tool is a quick way to get the patties perfectly round. And it’s fun!

Cajun Lentil PattyI think I added a little too much of the lentils (I forgot to measure them after cooking) because I got a few extra patties out of the recipe, but they’re delicious so I’m happy to freeze the leftovers! I made sure to finely chop the mushrooms so my boyfriend would eat them, and it worked – he loved these. Now I’d really like to make other mushroom/lentil burgers like this one, too.

The burger buns were perfectly soft and fluffy and yummy, although I’m glad I cut down on the sugar because they were almost too sweet for me. Next time I make the buns I’m also going to add the cornstarch wash Celine recommends. I’ve never made bread with such a wash before and I’d love to try these buns with sesame seeds!

The mayonnaise recipe is something I’d made before, and it’s one of my favourite homemade mayos. I was so excited the first time I made it and it started thickening as I added the oil (this had never worked for me before). I’m glad to have such a tasty and cheap alternative to store-bought vegan mayonnaise!

Caramel Apple Muffin TopsOur breakfast this morning was really good as well. I made the Caramel Apple Muffin Tops from 500 Vegan Recipes and although I made a few substitutions, they turned out so delicious! I loved the crunchy top combined with the sweet caramelised apple pieces. Sadly we already ate all of them, but I can’t wait to make them again. I think these would be great on a cold winter morning.

19 thoughts on “Burgers and Muffin Tops

  1. Looks really tasty, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing the recipes, I think I will give them a try soon (especially the veganaise and burger recipe). And the burger shaper is aaaaaawesome! The onions look really cool btw, almost translucent.

  2. I love a great burger at the end of the day. This burger just looks simply amazing. And I never saw a burger shaper before.. I lov eit. I think I may have to find one of those. Great post

  3. Your burger looks so great although I’d have to remove or cook that onion! You’ve made me really want a burger shaper, I’d love it if my burgers came out looking do perfect.

  4. You cooked up a storm! Everything from scratch, these look like perfect burgers and buns. I’m way too lazy when it comes to veggie burgers…I need to make my own more often. The muffin tops look scrumptious too…who needs the bottoms, tops are the best part. :)

    • Oh it’s definitely a preference thing, I have weird issues with sugar in savoury foods :) but thanks for adding a note to the recipe! I’m looking forward to making them again, maybe with half whole wheat flour.

  5. Thanks so much for all the comments! :) I wasn’t sure whether the burger shaper was a common thing or not, but now I’m wondering where my mum got it. I’ll ask her!

  6. I used to have a burger shaper but I lost it somewhere on my travels. I wept. Yes burgers are easy to shape but there is something about the uniformness of a perfectly shaped burger that makes me weep tears of joy. Must be the Virgo in me. I’m so happy you liked my recipe – I might steal your photo ‘cos it does WAY more justice than my lame attempt.

    • Thanks for your comment Jeni! I do like your photo (on mine, you can hardly see the patty itself) but of course you can borrow mine if you like :) that’s so sad about your burger shaper! I hope you find a new one. Apparently mine is pretty old (my mum got it from my grandma) so I hope I never lose it!

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  8. Your burgers make my mouth water… Unfortunately I s*ck at making burgers! :(( Maybe on a brave day? Anyway, I’ve added you to my rss-feeds! :)

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