Buffet at De Oude Plek

Okay, I completely failed at VeganMoFo last week. I managed to make two posts on Tuesday, but after that I got a pretty bad toothache and had to go to the dentist for a root canal and even though everything is much better now, I had little interest in preparing or eating food for a few days. Also, homework and blah blah blah. I suck. But! I will try harder this week and for today, I have some photos from a recent restaurant visit I’d like to post.

There’s a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam called De Oude Plek that I’ve visited many times over the years. Their menu is rather heavy on the fake meats, which I know not everyone is into, but I’ve honestly heard nothing but good reviews of this restaurant. My parents love it, too, so every once in a while we go there together to enjoy the buffet they offer every third Saturday of the month (and sometimes on other days, as well). The restaurant is small but the buffet includes a good selection of foods and definitely enough to have satisfying meal. Everything in their buffet is vegan except two dishes, one of them being foe yong hai which is basically eggs in tomato sauce and therefore pretty obvious. The other non-vegan item is the nasi goreng, but they’ll make a vegan portion just for you if you request it and besides, there have vegan bami and plain rice available in the buffet so there’s still enough to choose from!

I’ve often tried to take pictures, but unless we go during the summer and sit by the window, the lighting isn’t great for food photos and they never turn out much better than this:

Buffet at De Oude Plek

First plate: vegetarian chicken, bell peppers, and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce, fried banana (yum!), two spring rolls.

Second plate: babi pangang (one of my boyfriend’s favourite dishes here), stir-fried veggies with sausage (wasn’t too keen on the sausage, but I liked the veggies!), more deep fried pastry thingies (not sure what these were called), more of the vegetable dish, bami.

Third plate: tempeh (yum! I actually didn’t love the seasonings on the tempeh – or maybe they just didn’t go that well with the other things on my plate – but the tempeh was still one of my favourites, as I love it and don’t get to eat it very often) with veggies, another helping of bami, battered and deep fried mock meat (I think those are called koe lu yuk?), satay with peanut sauce (mmmm) and another piece of battered and fried banana.

Lastly, my dessert (not included in the buffet, but available on a separate menu) was coconut ice cream with lychees – an excellent combination!


7 thoughts on “Buffet at De Oude Plek

  1. Wow, I have to figure out if there’s any vegetarian/vegan Chinese restaurants around here, I love Chinese food.

    I found your blog at veganmofo’s map, I’m from Holland too. Good to know there’s more vegan Dutch bloggers out there. x

    • Hope you find a restaurant you like! I know there’s a restaurant similar to De Oude Plek in Utrecht, and I’m pretty sure there’s a vegetarian Chinese place like that one in Lelystad as well. I’m not sure about Amsterdam, though. But if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, you could check out one of these :)
      And yay, I love discovering new blogs too!

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