Granose Meat Free Burgers

Granose Meat Free Burger

It’s a good thing MoFo is giving me the opportunity to catch up, because I made this burger back in July but still hadn’t gotten around to posting about it! This might just have been the best burger I’ve ever had, partly because I made the burger buns myself and used organic lettuce fresh from my neighbours’ garden along with my favourite vegan mayonnaise, and partly because the burger patty was really good! It’s made from the Meat Free Burger Mix by Granose, which is one of those packets of dry mix where you only have to add water to form a dough and then shape it into patties by hand – I’d mentioned the product before when I posted about my trip to a health food store in London. I sometimes buy those mixes in the Netherlands, as well, but I’d never tried one that was so tasty before! I really wish I could find these Granose products over here, too – they seem to have an interesting range of mixes according to their website (such as Lincolnshire sausages or a chicken style-roast) and those packages usually keep for a very long time. They’re also very light, so I imagine they’d be great to take on camping trips and other holidays. If I ever see them again (or if I go back to London), I’ll definitely buy more!

Granose Meat Free Burger

I followed the suggestion on the packaging and made some potato wedges to go with the burgers. My boyfriend and I enjoyed these on a sunny afternoon and it was such a perfect meal!

P.S. While looking for an older post I accidentally made a typo and found out that the “Page Not Found” message on my blog apparently contains a picture of a duck! How cute is that? Must be the new theme I’m using.


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