Fennel Salad and Two Lunch Boxes

One of my goals for VeganMoFo was to pack more interesting lunches for myself, so here’s a picture of what I had yesterday:

From left to right: lettuce with chopped apple and green olives, thinly sliced carrots with slivered almonds and parsley, three stuffed vine leaves (from a can), grapes, sundried tomatoes, avocado. Everything got mixed up a bit after I carried the box around in my bag for a while, so next time I’d like to try to pack all the components even more tightly, but this made for a tasty salad lunch!

This morning, I made a recipe I’d wanted to try for a while: the Fennel, Orange, and Black Olive Salad from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. I used only half a fennel bulb for a smaller portion of salad and used mandarin oranges because those were the only kind I had. It was very simple and pretty good! I love fennel but I’d never had it raw like this. I took most of my salad with me in my lunch box today:

Along with the salad, I brought a sandwich of whole wheat bread with an Alpro apple filet and ketchup. I usually prefer to eat the Alpro burgers when they’re still warm, but I needed something to pack in my lunch box and I had one leftover apple filet left that had to be eaten. It was still pretty tasty, but I probably wouldn’t make it like this again. I put some lettuce in the middle of the box (under the grapes), because I hoped that would prevent the dressing in the salad from leaking into the bread, but I still ended up with a soggy-edged sandwich. Oh well, this wasn’t too bad for a quickly packed meal!

10 thoughts on “Fennel Salad and Two Lunch Boxes

  1. I love the way you pack your lunch boxes! They are adorable. I tend to come to work with so many different packages to combine into a meal.

    • Thanks, Rose! The apple filet is like a regular breaded soy patty but stuffed with apple chunks… I thought it was a little strange when I first tried one, but now I really like them!

    • Ha, my lunch and breakfast yesterday consisted of sandwiches like that, too… I do love peanut butter, but if I’m in a hurry I eat a little too much of it!

  2. I love The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. It’s my go-to cookbook when I need to make a grain salad or something for lunches that week. My partner’s office doesn’t have a magnetron, so I need lots of cold options for him (though I wish I could just send him along with leftover dinner to reheat).

    • I love the cookbook as well, especially since it relies only on basic ingredients like vegetables, beans, and grains, and no convenience products that are hard to find. But I still haven’t made nearly as many recipes from it as I’d like to!
      I wish the cafeteria at my university would get a microwave, too. I agree that would make bringing leftovers a lot easier…

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