Hotel Meals

Hi everyone! I had a lovely weekend and now I’m back for another week of VeganMoFo! As you might remember from a previous post, I spent the weekend at a hotel celebrating the anniversary of my boyfriend’s parents. I’d like to post a few pictures from the hotel we stayed at, because the food was actually very decent! The meals were all buffet-style, so I was pretty sure there would be a few vegan dishes available, but I wasn’t expecting much beyond french fries, salad, and fruit. However, the staff insisted on making vegan meals especially for me and I got a bunch of tasty, vegetable-centered dishes which were actually quite healthy too.

These pictures aren’t the best, partly due to the lighting at the restaurant and partly due to the fact that I really wanted to start eating all this, but I’d like to share them anyway.

Here’s the first meal they served me on Friday evening:

Salad & stirfry

The first course was a huge salad of greens, walnuts, olives, and (semi-?)dried tomatoes. This was simple, but very tasty and quite filling due to the walnuts. There were actually so many nuts I couldn’t eat them all, but at least I got my omega 3s for the day! The big juicy olives were my favourite part of the salad. The main dish consisted of rice, mixed veggies (green beans, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), spring rolls and a few more of those sundried tomatoes.

The next meal was probably my favourite of the weekend:

Salad & stuffed bell pepper

This was my lunch on Saturday. At first there was some confusion because I guess they weren’t expecting a vegan at that time, but they were still able to whip up these gorgeous dishes surprisingly quickly! On the left there’s a salad of lettuce, pickled onions, grapes, some kind of sprout, and strawberries (I think there were olive slices and maybe other things in there as well, but I can’t remember!). This was really fresh and yummy! I was sad not to be able to finish all of it. The bell pepper on the right, which was stuffed with rice and several different veggies, was wonderful as well. The pepper itself was juicy and sweet and I loved the mushrooms and fresh tomatoes in the filling. And don’t you agree that both of these plates look so pretty? Since all of the dishes at the hotel are usually served at the buffets I expect the cooks don’t get to serve the meals plated individually very often, but I loved what they gave me!

Raspberry soup & veggies and spring rolls

Lastly, with my apologies for the dark pictures, here’s what I had on Saturday evening: a raspberry soup with lemon balls as a first course and a big plate of veggies and spring rolls as my main. They also served me a generous portion of french fries with this meal, so I was happy to get some help from my boyfriend in finishing all of this. It all tasted quite good, though! The fruit starter made me really happy as I’d already had salad earlier that day and I often prefer having fruit before dinner rather than as a dessert anyway, so this was perfect for me.

In case anyone’s interested, the hotel I’m talking about is called De Bonte Wever (in Assen, the Netherlands) and my boyfriend’s parents had informed them that I was vegan while making the booking. Everything was taken care of perfectly, as we only had to mention the vegan thing to one of the servers once we arrived for dinner and then, shortly after, these yummy meal would arrive at our table!


4 thoughts on “Hotel Meals

  1. They insisted on making vegan meals for you?? Oh my gosh!! That is awesome! We stayed at a “resort” in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago for my husband’s annual work conference and it was like pulling teeth to get them to make ONE meal for me! I envy you! And your food looks GREAT!

    • Yes, well, I figured they could just tell me which of the buffet items were suitable for vegans, but apparently they preferred making me completely separate meal :)
      So sorry you weren’t able to get much decent food at the resort, though! I hope you have better luck next time.

  2. Whoa. Totally jealous of those gourmet and vegan meals. Just wanted to say from one mofo blogger in The Netherlands to another! I’ve been living in Breda for a few months now.

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