London: Rootmaster!

This was the place I most looked forward to visiting in London…

Rootmaster Vegan Bustaurant

Rootmaster Vegan Bustaurant! Yes, that’s a vegan restaurant in a bus and yes, that is indeed as awesome as it sounds. At first I was worried we might not be able to find the bus since I had trouble locating the street (Ely’s Yard) on Google Earth, but we walked there from Liverpool Street and it turned out to be much easier than I’d thought (here‘s a map).

Inside Rootmaster Bustaurant

It had started to rain when we got there, so we were happy to step inside and have a seat. Looks so comfy, doesn’t it? The bus was quiet when we arrived, so we had that whole table to ourselves.

Organic Sparkling Apple & Raspberry drink

We both ordered a Whole Earth Apple & Raspberry drink, which was lovely! I wish I could get these where I live, but I’ve never seen them. Next time I find a store that has them, I’ll be sure to try some other flavours, too (edit: ha! I found them in a local health food store right after writing this…).

Tomato Lentil Soup with Bus Baked Bread

We were there around one o’ clock, so we were able to order from the lunch menu. My boyfriend went for the Soup of the Moment, pictured above, which was tomato lentil (with bus baked bread!). He quite enjoyed his soup, although he did mention that it was rather thick, and might be more suitable for serving during winter. Then again, the weather that day wasn’t very summery at all…

Rainy view from inside Rootmaster Bustaurant

Oh well, the rain just made the inside of the bus even cosier!

Burger with potato wedges

As my lunch, I chose to try the Rootmaster Burger. It was delicious bean burger on wholemeal bread with bus made mayonnaise and potato wedges on the side – yum! It was really hard to choose a dish here, because there were so many delicious options (and… everything’s vegan!). I was really happy with this burger, though, and I’d love to go back for their other dishes.

Dessert - ice cream!

Naturally, we left room for dessert. We both went for the Ice Cream Platter, which was different from what I’d expected, but oh so delicious. The website describes this as a “selection of ice cream with seasonal berries”, which also sounds wonderful, but our dessert was served with a biscuit, two types of chocolates and three orange slices. The chocolate and biscuit were good (although they did make the dish quite filling), but the ice cream was what made me really love this. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever tried ice cream this good! The brand is Swedish Glace, which I’d heard of before and really wanted to try.

Still pretty

And I wasn’t disappointed. It turns out Swedish Glace makes some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. The vanilla flavour actually tasted like vanilla, unlike others I’ve tried, and it was absolutely delicious. The scoops of chocolate and berry ice cream were nice as well, but the vanilla was my favourite by far. I kind of regret not buying more of that flavour when I saw it in a supermarket, because even though I probably wouldn’t have been able to eat the entire tub, at least I could’ve tried…

Rootmaster postcard

So yeah, if you’re ever in London, I definitely recommend checking this place out – not just because it’s a vegan restaurant in a bus and that’s awesome, but they offer such a good variety of delicious foods as well! Have a look at their menus (in the sidebar)… you’ll wish you were there right now.

This way


8 thoughts on “London: Rootmaster!

  1. What a cool place! I can imagine how cozy it must have been to sit in there with the London rain coming down outside…just like riding on a real bus!

    The food looks fabulous too! Amazing they put it all together in a bus!

  2. Rootmaster, was my favorite too. So funny and strange to see, I took almost exactly the same picture as you. I will post it on my blog later on.

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