London: The Organic B&B, Ha Ha Veggie Bar

Hi again! I have a bunch of things I want to post regarding my London trip, so I’ll split it up into several posts – otherwise it would probably be one maaaasssive read.

I had only been to London once before, and that was during a school trip, which meant most of our days were packed with sight seeing. I had loads of fun, and it was definitely great to be able to see so many different things each day. However, my boyfriend and I agreed that it’s also good to relax and enjoy your surroundings when you’re on holiday, so we made sure to include both of those things during our trip! We did some lovely sight seeing and shopping, but also enjoyed a few perfect sunny moments in London’s beautiful parks.

That school trip I mentioned also required all students to stay with host families, which was a great experience as my host family was incredibly friendly and helpful. They cooked vegan food for me, and made sure it was gluten free, too, to suit another student’s requirements. How awesome is that? Since it was a school trip and the family provided most of the meals, though, I didn’t get the opportunity to try much of the fabulous food that London restaurants have to offer. However… I think I made up for that during my latest holiday. We ate at six vegetarian restaurants, and four of them were all vegan!

Organic B&B London

I’m happy to say that we also found the perfect place to stay. I spent some time searching for affordable accommodation online and finally stumbled upon this Organic Bed & Breakfast (I think it’s also called the Holly House, though they don’t mention that specifically) located in Ealing, West London. I’d figured we didn’t really need a vegan-friendly place specifically, as there would be plenty of places to get food, and I’d expected a B&B like this to be more expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is this place affordable, but it is all organic, offers a vegan breakfast, and the house is just beautiful as well! I didn’t take many pictures during my stay there, but I encourage you to check out their website and look at the pictures there – it’s such a lovely place! The family living there was super friendly as well, and they were more than happy to give recommendations for vegan-friendly restaurants and shops in the neighbourhood.

You can see the few photos that I did take in the picture above – breakfast! I had soy yoghurt with muesli, tea, bagels, and fruit that morning. They also make pancakes, but we didn’t end up trying those (though I would’ve liked to, I’m sure they’d be delicious…). The breakfast was good and it was excellent to get a decent meal right at the B&B, but there were so many other places we wanted to try that we only ended up having breakfast there on the first day. It was fun, though, especially since we were able to enjoy our meal at one big table together with the other guests staying there at that moment.

Anyway, after enjoying our breakfast at the B&B, we took the tube to Camden and spent the day at the market. We had fun walking around and looking at all the different stalls, but we also found it was all mostly clothes and food, and we didn’t end up buying anything. Still, we really enjoyed ourselves, and I was especially thrilled when we happened to find this veggie bar just when we were thinking about having lunch!

Ha Ha Veggie Bar - Camden Lock, London

Ha Ha Veggie Bar is a small little take out restaurant in Camden Lock that sells vegan burgers, hot dogs, and falafel – in fact, everything they sell is vegan except the cheese, as you can see on their menu:

Menu at Ha Ha Veggie Bar

This place was such a little gem to discover! We got a burger and a hot dog, and while the food wasn’t anything spectacular, it was definitely tasty (and cheap!). The girl working there was very friendly and the location is so convenient, as well – I’d love to go back!

Original Burger from Ha Ha Veggie Bar

Here’s a picture of my boyfriend’s burger (the “Original” – a superseed patty on a bun with mayo, lettuce, and onion). The patty was soft and not as chewy as you might expect from a veggie burger – more like a bean patty. Still, it was very tasty, and my boyfriend mentioned that he really liked the mayo they used, too (I think it was Plamil egg free mayonnaise).

Hot dog from Ha Ha Veggie Bar

And here’s the hot dog I chose, with ketchup and mustard and sautéed onions. I really liked it, though I think I’ve had vegan sausages that were even tastier than this one (I have no idea what brand they used).

Mmm, thinking back about this place makes me hungry. There were more vegan eats we found in Camden, but those will have to wait for a future post – I’m off to have a quick dinner now before I go to the cinema.

located in Ealing, West London.

8 thoughts on “London: The Organic B&B, Ha Ha Veggie Bar

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I’m going to London in a few days. I’m so glad you posted this HA HA Veggie Bar. I’m definitely going to check it out because we are surely going to Camden. I hope you will post more before monday. And if not, is it possible to send me some of your recommendations?

  2. Hi!!!
    I just came on your site by chance as I was looking for a B&B in London, I’m coming there in november with my family, I’ve checked the place you talked about “the organic B&B” and I saw that they had a sort of family room quite cheap and of course it’s all vegan which would be perfect for us!!!but I wondered if it’s not too far from the centre of London, I can’t figure it out, bus, tube, would you tell me please what it takes more or less to get in town and camden too?

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