Shepherd’s pie for two

After spending the week in London (which was great – more on that later!), my boyfriend and I were pretty tired yesterday, especially after spending an entire day sitting on the bus back home (bleh). We’d bought a bunch of cheap second hand DVDs during our trip, so we decided to have a nice movie night with some delicious food! I didn’t have a whole lot of ingredients on hand so I decided to improvise and make a simple shepherd’s pie, which turned out just perfect.

Shepherd's pie

I used two mini pans to make individual pies for extra cuteness. The filling is just sautéed onions, vegan mince, peas, veggie broth, and some flour to thicken, topped with mashed potatoes and paprika. I thought these tasted delicious and comforting, and my boyfriend liked them too. He did tell later tell me he would’ve liked to have some apple sauce on the side, which I think is a rather Dutch thing to do, but fine. I might try that next time. I’m glad the pies turned out well!

For dessert, I made a tiny lemon custard pie using the Ginger Snaps I bought in Londen for the crust. The lemon/ginger combination was excellent, but the photo sucked, so no picture.

I’ll be back soon with a London post!


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