Easter Bread and Blondies


Stores around here always sell Paasstollen around Easter, but I don’t think those are usually vegan, so I decided to make my own this year. It probably would’ve been wise to look up a recipe, but I wanted to use the ingredients I had around at that moment. This bread actually turned out pretty well this way! I made a whole wheat dough studded with raisins and apple pieces and rolled the dough around a log of almond paste. I’d probably try and add a little more flour next time, because I think the moisture from the fruit caused the bread to spread out and become rather flat, but all in all I think this was a pretty good loaf of bread. My parents said they liked it more than the storebought ones they used to get! Maybe next time I’ll try an actual recipe and see how that bread compares to this one. (The photo is kind of crappy, but it was a rainy morning. This was the best I could do! And I just wanted to have a slice of bread already).

I was craving a chocolatey baked good a few days ago and started leafing through My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky in search of a good recipe. I decided upon her Black Bottom Blondies, because brownies and blondies in one? That had to be good.

Black Bottom Blondies

And they are! I ended up messing with the recipe a little bit (had to use vanilla from a dried vanilla bean because I ran out of extract, mmm…), but they were still delicious and very fudgy.

Bye for now, I’m off to have a nice hot bath with this cute little chick:

Hippy Chick Bath!

(Lush’s Hippy Chick Bath Ballistic – so cute! ^^)


10 thoughts on “Easter Bread and Blondies

  1. I am really liking the look of that bread of yours! Seriously, I am. I haven’t tried many breads before, I realize now, but the nuts on that thing makes it look so crusty and nice, and I never really thought about putting dried fruits and stuffs in the middle.

    I really need to get along to finding a dutch oven or something. Happy Easter ;]

  2. Fresh Stollen at Easter sounds awesome! Yours looks sooo good! It is said that German Stollen, baked at Christmas can be stored until Easter. I don’t know if anybody still does this, it’s not possible to buy this kind of bread right now. Anyway, a fresh version sounds so much better!

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    • Thanks, Mihl! I didn’t know that about German Christmas Stollen, but that might help explain why they seem to serve the same type of bread on the two different holidays.

    • Thank you!
      And you did! I got the shirt last week. I ordered it on April 29th but I think you only got my information through Paypal, so maybe that’s why? Anyway – thanks! :D

  3. Wauw, een zelfgemaakte stol! Met Kerst heb ik een halve (vegan! Wel ruim zeven euro, voor een hele…) stol bij de Natuurwinkel gekocht. Heerlijk, ik het het namelijk zó lang niet meer gegeten!
    Maar er eentje zelfmaken is natuurlijk veel leuker. Zou je mij het recept misschien kunnen mailen?
    Fijn weekend! Kirsten

    • Oh wat goed, ik wist helemaal niet dat ze bij de Natuurwinkel ook vegan stollen hadden :) misschien toch wel de moeite waard om een keer te proberen!
      Helaas weet ik niet meer wat voor recept ik heb gebruikt voor die stol in de foto, sorry. Volgens mij had ik een standaard recept voor volkorenbrood gemaakt en dat aangepast met rozijnen, appel en amandelspijs, maar er zijn ook wel specifiekere recepten te vinden volgens mij!

  4. Dit was ook pas de eerste keer dat ik het zag hoor! Was wel weer eens lekker, haha. Was zelfs een spelt-desem (en suikervrije!) stol.
    Maar ik denk dat aankomend Pasen een goede gelegenheid is om zelf een stol te maken, dankje voor de tip in ieder geval :)

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