Raw Pasta from the Tofu Guru

I discovered the Tofu Guru cooking show through a post over at this blog a couple of days ago and I highly recommend it! The videos are really well-done, and Brittany’s recipes look delicious as well.

I decided to try her raw pasta recipe from this episode yesterday, because it looked incredibly simple and I needed an excuse to try out my parents’ new immersion blender. Besides, I’d wanted to try making zucchini pasta for a while, but I don’t own a spiralizer. Turns out it’s (almost) just as easy to slice the vegetables using a vegetable peeler!

Raw Pasta

Looks good, right? This was a breeze to make, so I imagine this would be a perfect dish for a hot summer day. The refreshing taste of the tomato sauce actually reminded me of gazpacho, only better. Of course the zucchini and carrot ribbons have a different texture from boiled wheat pasta, but they paired perfectly with the sauce!

So yeah, check out the Tofu Guru’s show! And have a great weekend :)


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