Alice in Wonderland!

I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland film yesterday and to celebrate, I made cupcakes! I had just bought a few packages of marzipan in different colours, so I thought this would be a good occasion to experiment with those. I’m pretty pleased with the way the cupcakes came out, because I don’t have much experience with marzipan and I feared everything would start melting and become horrible sticky mess. But actually, the marzipan was wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to use it again! I ordered it online at De Leukste Taartenshop, and I still have loads left.

Cheshire Cat

I started by making this Cheshire Cat-inspired cupcake. I rolled out the marzipan too thinly and it started ripping at the sides, which is why the top and bottom don’t look too pretty. I think the Cheshire Cat is awesome, though, and I’d love to try making a cupcake like this again. My boyfriend ate this one during the film and said it was tasty!

Painting the roses red...

Then I made marzipan roses! I’d never tried that before, but it was pretty easy to make them this way. I just made tiny circles and rolled them up into a flower shape. Sticking with the Alice theme, these are white roses (mostly) painted red.

Red Queen

I ran out of time soon, but I still had time for one more marzipan cupcake, so I made a chessboard with the Red Queen from Through the Looking-Glass. I apparently didn’t have the patience to make the queen look like the actual chess piece, but I hope you get the idea?

You can’t really see them under all the marzipan in the previous pictures, but the cupcakes are the Vanilla Cupcakes from 500 Vegan Recipes. It’s my current favourite vanilla cake recipe and it worked wonderfully this time, too. I spread (I still can’t properly pipe frosting to save my life) the cakes with coffee buttercream, which tasted great with the marzipan!

I loved the film too, by the way. There were a few weird parts but I don’t care. I loved it! Some of the characters were just delightful. Here’s a Cheshire Cat video (if I can get WordPress to embed it)!

(link to video)


17 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland!

    • Thank you Hannah! I used marzipan once or twice to decorate a cake years ago, but I don’t have much experience with it either. It really is a lot of fun!

  1. That’s Stephen Fry’s voice! I can’t wait to see the film. Your cupcakes look absolutely stunning and those roses are amazing.

    • Yes, Stephen Fry! He was great. I have been reading some negative criticism and on the film I understand where those people are coming from but still… I loved it!
      And thanks for the compliment!!

  2. Those cupcakes are so great! Seriously, you are too cute! I adore Alice in Wonderland, but haven’t seen the new movie yet. I’m mainly a fan of the books, but I love the Disney movie too, so I’m hoping this one won’t disappoint!

    • Awwww thank you so much! :) I tried to look at the film as a work on its own, but there were some fun unexpected elements from the book that I liked and I really enjoyed it!
      Hope you won’t be disappointed either!

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