Spirit, Apple Strudel, Pancakes

Lunch plate at Spirit, Rotterdam

Last week, I went to see Avatar with my boyfriend, and we decided to try a new vegetarian restaurant for lunch before we went to the cinema. We went to Spirit. It’s a little buffet restaurant that’s part of “De Groene Passage“, an organic shopping centre in Rotterdam. I (stupidly) forgot to take my camera, so I had to use my boyfriend’s phone to take a picture. The quality is kind of low because of that, but you can still see the big variety of food available at the buffet. I don’t remember the names of all the dishes – there were green beans with tempeh, lentil salad, marinated beets and onions (and other things?), a delicious dish with aubergine and olives, pumpkin in an amazing curry sauce, roasted potatoes, pumpkin salsa, falafel, wasabi hummus, chickpea frittata, herbed mayonnaise, and sautéed greens with … cayenne? I think? See, this is why I should write about food as soon as possible. Sorry I got some of the names wrong, but anyway – I wanted to try as many of the vegan options as possible, so I loaded little servings of each dish on my plate and went to the checkout, where they weigh your plate so you pay for the exact amount of food you get. It was a little on the expensive side – about €10,- for this plate without drinks – but worth it, in my opinion. I’m going back sometime for sure!

After lunch, we had a little time left before the film started, so we took the opportunity to look around in the store next to the restaurant. It’s called De Gimsel and it’s the biggest health food store I’ve ever been to! I didn’t buy anything this time because we were going to the cinema afterwards, but it definitely seems like a good place to go shopping for uncommon ingredients. There’s a bulk section where I found dried raspberries, for example, and they also had what looked like vegan M&Ms! They also had a big fridge full of vegan meat analogues and different kinds of tofu. And so many other things – I wish I’d had more time to browse!

On a different note:


Vegan Apfel strudel! You can buy these in the super markets (in the Netherlands, anyway – I’ve seen them at Coop and Albert Heijn). The brand is Coppenrath & Wiese and this is what the package looks like. I like baking things myself, of course, but these strudels are convenient to have around in the freezer, and they’re really good! Mmm.

And then finally, today’s breakfast, the best pancakes I’ve made so far! It’s the perfect pancakes recipe from Vegan Brunch, which is apparently the same recipe as the one in Vegan with a Vengeance, but somehow this time it turned out so much better than before. I made the pancakes pretty small, and tried to make a nice big stack:


This was as high as I could make the stack before my boyfriend and I started attacking it. So yummy!


3 thoughts on “Spirit, Apple Strudel, Pancakes

  1. I didn’t eben know Coppenrath und Wiese Apfelstrudel were vegan. Thank you for the heads up, we’ll stock up on these for sure.
    Perfect looking pancakes!

  2. Oh my god, that strudel is killing me with deliciousness! That sugary crust alone would be worth the trek over to the Netherlands… Oh, I’m going to be dreaming on this one tonight.

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