VeganMoFo 28: UK Vegan 100

No MoFo post yesterday! But maybe I’ll try and squeeze in an extra post before the end of the month to make up for it. We’ll see. This week has been kind of crazy so far – my sleep rhythm seems to be messed up, or maybe I have just been going to bed too late, or maybe I just have to get used to my new university timetable, but I’ve been super sleepy and I slept through my alarm clock twice this week! So weird.

Anyway, I know I already did the Vegan 100 thing before, but I just saw this new list posted on Cooking the Vegan Books and I like it so much that I’m going to post it too. It’s a list of vegan UK foods! The previous list contained a couple of items that are available only in the US, and one of the reasons I haven’t tried them. Of course I don’t live in the UK either, so the problem remains, but at least it’s closer to the Netherlands? This list also made me very enthusiastic about travelling to the UK and trying all of these foods for myself.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1) Copy this list into your own blog, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Post a comment here once you’ve finished and link your post back to this one.
5) Pass it on!

Hampshire watercress
Montezumas chocolate
Melting mozarella Cheezly
Granose Mock Duck
Churros at Terre a Terre
Yorkshire pudding
Beans on toast
Mushy peas
Aldi croissants
Bourbon biscuits
Holland and Barrett fruit flapjacks
Linda McCartney sausages and chips
Marmite on toast
Kent black cherries
Marmite breadsticks
Sunday roast at The George
Anything at Birmingham’s curry mile
Rhubarb crumble with Swedish Glace
Paskin’s full breakfast
Jersey Royal potatoes swimming in butter
Evesham asparagus
Potato farls
Bubble and Squeak
Sticky toffee pudding (Yes!! At the Green Terrace vegetarian B&B. It was amazing).
Irn Bru
Bacon buttie with tomato sauce
Marigold bouillon powder
Booja Booja truffles
Scones and jam
Bird’s custard
Anything at Dandelion and Burdock
White chocolate
A bought pizza with cheese in the UK
Hot cross buns
Staffordshire oatcakes
Bread and butter pudding
Summer pudding
Pickled onions
Potato from the Baked Potato Shop in Edinburgh
Wetherspoons curry
Irish stew with dumplings
Mashed carrot and swede
Pease pudding
Christmas pudding
Blue Sheese
English muffins
Pringles (Yes, gross.)
Scotch broth
Walker’s prawn cocktail crisps
Mildred’s mushroom and ale pie
Masala dosa
Realeat fishcakes
Worcestershire sauce (No, but I bought my first bottle recently! and I probably have had it in dishes without knowing… but that was probably years ago and not the vegan variety)
Mushroom ketchup
Pickled walnuts
Anything at Vbites
Co-op donuts
Anything at Saf
Chip shop curry sauce and chips
Warehouse Café bangers and mash
Innocent Smoothie
Eccles cake
Semolina pudding with jam
Linda McCartney country pie
Scallop (potato fritter)
Elderflower cordial
Spotted dick
Victoria plum
Marigold braised tofu
Clive’s pie
Wagamama Yasai Chilli Men
Spring cabbage
Holland and Barrett Porkless Pie
Henderson’s relish
Scottish raspberries
Colcannon (I have had the Dutch “boerenkool” which I think has the same ingredients, but it wasn’t in the UK and it probably wasn’t exactly the same anyway so it doesn’t count)
Fry’s Peppermint Cream
Roast parsnips
Booja Booja ice cream
Rice pudding (I think so?)
Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle
Sesame Snaps

Only ten! But I don’t feel bad because I love this huge list of new foods to try when I’m in the UK! Aaah now I want to go on a holiday there.

Right now, however, it’s time to sleep! Yay.


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