VeganMoFo 26: Cranks Wholemeal Bread

Cranks Wholemeal Bread

Another old picture! I made these bread rolls last summer using the Cranks Wholemeal Bread recipe from The Cranks Bible. I divided the dough into eight pieces and made four different types of bread:

– All in the back: a roll with caramelised onion slices mixed into the dough together with a pinch of cayenne. I sprinkled a few toasted pumpkin seeds on top.
– In the middle: green olive tapenade spread on the stretched out dough, then rolled up and topped with tomato slices.
– On the left: parsley, tahini, and lemon zest mixed into the dough, a mixture of sesame seeds and coarse sea salt on top.
– At the bottom: a roll with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, toasted almonds and fresh rosemary mixed into the bread.

All of them were yummy! I loved the one with olive tapenade most. The bread recipe itself is very quick and basic. Here’s a plain version of the wholemeal bread I made earlier:

Cranks Wholemeal Bread


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