VeganMoFo 25: Brunch on Sunday IV


Today was already the last Sunday of this year’s MoFo! So sad. Thankfully, there was brunch food to console me.

Fennel Breakfast Risotto

What better comfort food than Fennel Breakfast Risotto (from Vegan Brunch)? I adore creamy dishes with fennel (especially soup), and I loved the risotto from Vegan with a Vengeance, so this recipe seemed like a good choice for me. I was right – it’s so good! The texture is so perfectly creamy and soft and apart from the stirring, the recipe is very easy. I was out of shallots so I had to use regular onions instead, but all the ingredients are very basic! The recipe suggests to serve the dish with the Smokey Shiitakes (also from VB), but I didn’t have the ingredients for those. Instead, I ended up serving the risotto garnished with quartered mushrooms simply sautéed in oil and soy sauce and sprinkled with smoked sea salt. I’d still like to try it with the shiitakes sometime!

Bakery-style (rasp)berry muffins

Because I loved the Bakery-Style Berry Muffins so much when I made them two weeks ago, I decided to make them again for today’s brunch. I only had raspberries this time and I have to agree with the author of the recipe that the muffins are better with mixed berries! I especially loved the big strawberry pieces in there last time. These muffins were still delicious, though. I used half whole wheat pastry flour in these, which worked fine. (I know they’re still not very healthy. But they are delicious!)

Fudgy Brownies

And as if the muffins weren’t decadent enough, I also made a batch of brownies! They’re the Fudgy Brownies from Vive le Vegan! by Dreena Burton, and they’re my favourite brownie recipe so far! Slightly crunchy top, soft, fudgey texture… and delicious cocoa flavour, of course. And maple syrup. And tiny chunks of chocolate, because I can never get my food processor to grind a chocolate bar properly, but that’s totally okay. I love these. I’ve only heard of one person who didn’t like these, but he just wasn’t fond of fudgy brownies in general. Especially for those people, Dreena apparently also has a cakey brownie recipe in one of her other cookbooks. If you do love the yummy fudgy ones, however, go try this recipe! It’s amazing.


4 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 25: Brunch on Sunday IV

  1. The food looks wonderful. I’ve had Vegan Brunch for several weeks now, and I have yet to use it…silly me. You’ve inspired me to crack it open and make the fennel breakfast risotto this week!


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