VeganMoFo 23: Cupcakes

Raspberry Cupcakes

I totally forgot to plan a VeganMoFo post for today! Please forgive me. I’m visiting a friend later and I already have to leave in about an hour. I probably won’t be home before twelve o’ clock tonight, so this old picture will have to do for the post! I uploaded it onto Flickr months ago, but I hadn’t posted it here yet, so here goes:

The cupcakes are based on a standard vanilla cake recipe that I wanted to experiment with. They were pretty good, but I’d like to try again and make them perfect! If only I knew where I’d put the recipe… It’s probably in a notepad file somewhere on my computer. I’ll have to look for it soon!

On top of the cupcakes is a simple mix of coconut cream, a little vanilla extract, and sweetener (I forgot what kind… I think it was agave or powdered sugar or maybe even vanilla sugar…). When I put regular frosting on a cake, people sometimes complain that it’s too sweet or too “heavy”. I hope a topping like this will be more to their liking! I did like it myself, anyway, so I’d love to experiment more with this, too.

We’re almost entering the last week of MoFo. It’s going by so quickly! I love reading all the posts, though, and I know I still have plenty of unread posts on here to keep me entertained for a while even when the Month of Food is over.

Have a nice day/weekend!


6 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 23: Cupcakes

  1. I used some old photos once or twice too. It’s hard some days because time goes by so fast! And I feel weird not posting a photo with my entries.

    The cupcakes look delicious! I hope your visit went well. :)

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