VeganMoFo 21: Eazie


This was my lunch today! It’s stir fried tofu, broccoli, bell peppers, green beans, mung bean sprouts, and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce over udon noodles. I got this meal at Eazie, a chain restaurant in Leiden and The Hague. I knew about Eazie and I knew they had vegan options and I’d planned to go there many times, but I never actually did until now, and I should have gone earlier! A few weeks ago, I sent them a message on their website asking about their ingredients, and they confirmed that the following things from their menu are vegan:

Garlicious Sauce
Sweet Sour Sauce
Japanese Teriyaki
Japanese Udon Noodles
Wraps (if you ask them to leave out the feta)
Chinese Tomato Soup (ask them to leave out the chicken!)

Looking at their menu, I think there are a couple other things on there that could be vegan as well (apart from the obvious vegetables, tofu, and rice), but I haven’t asked about those yet. I’m pretty sure that if you ask at the restaurant, they’d be willing to make other things as well!

Now back to the meal in the picture. I had an orange strawberry juice on the side, and altogether the lunch cost me €9,00. It was worth it! I think they used frozen fruit for the juice, which made it extra refreshing. I really liked the wok dish as well. I had never tried udon noodles before, but I love them! They gave me chopsticks and I personally think that always makes the meal even more fun to eat. I was by myself so I chose to take out this time, but you can also eat in at the restaurant.

I’d like to go back again soon and try their garlic sauce!


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