VeganMoFo 18: Brunch on Sunday III

Today is sunday, and that means it’s vegan brunch time! I love cooking during a weekend morning so much. I got to try out a couple of new recipes from the cookbook Vegan Brunch today, and they were great!


Because brunch is apparently not complete without some form of potatoes, I made a batch of roasted potatoes with various dried herbs. Yummy as always! We had them with this:


Tofu scramble! It’s the basic scramble recipe from Vegan Brunch with onions, broccoli, carrots and kalamata olives.


These are the Coffee Chip Muffins. I didn’t have the instant coffee powder, so I made a small amount of strong coffee and used that to replace part of the almond milk in the recipe. I also used chopped chocolate instead of chocolate chips, but other than that, I stuck to the recipe. These were pretty good! Not as amazingly delicious as the Berry Muffins I made last week, but still, they’re really good.

When I had started making the batter for the muffins, I realised that I only had a little jar of baking powder left, and it was already a couple of months past its expiration date. I didn’t really want to use it and possibly ruining a perfectly good batch of muffins, so I went online and found a way to test whether your baking powder still works properly. If you mix it together with some hot water and it starts bubbling like crazy, then you have nothing to worry about! Everyone probably already knew this, but I didn’t, and I think it’s quite a useful little trick to know about. It’s fun to do, too. Anyway, my baking powder still created loads of bubbles so I continued to make my muffins and these waffles:


Mmm, waffles. These are the Old Fashioned Chelsea Waffles from VB and they are so good! My grandma gave me her old waffle iron, so I could finally make some big Belgian waffles instead of just the tiny heart-shaped ones (which are also cute!), and I tried it out this morning. I think she’s had this appliance for quite a while, but it still produces fine waffles. I’m not sure if it’s because of the new waffle iron or the excellent recipe from Vegan Brunch, but these waffles came out so delicious and perfectly crispy. And not once did I open the waffle iron to find my beautiful waffle torn apart and sticking to both of the metal plates, which always happens to me! My grandma’s iron is actually easier to clean, too, because you can take the plates out so you can actually scrub them properly.

Here’s a picture of the waffles topped with slices of Baked Cinnamon Apples:

Waffles & baked apples

It’s a real shame that the apples didn’t turn out as photogenic as I had hoped, because they were so good! I could have known you can’t really go wrong with apples and cinnamon, but still. This is one fabulous topping! I’d like to add it to my oatmeal, too…

So… brunch is awesome. I was especially happy with the way my waffles came out and I can’t wait to try more recipes using my new waffle iron!

Have a nice evening!


7 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 18: Brunch on Sunday III

  1. That sounds like a seriously amazing brunch. I haven’t tried the waffles or the coffee chip muffins yet but I can’t wait to keep working my way through this book!

  2. Oh I’m glad to hear that, Niki :D It’s hard to decide whether something in a picture looks good or not when you’ve tried it and know that it’s delicious. I feared I made the yummy apples look gross.
    Anyway. They were so good!

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