VeganMoFo 10: Chinese Take-away

There’s only one restaurant in the little village where I live and that’s the Chinese take-away. Surprisingly, they offer a fair amount of vegan options! When you put them together, these dishes form a pretty decent meal.

Chinese Takeout food

These pictures are pretty old, but this happens to be what I had for dinner yesterday too!

From left to right:

1. Vegetarian Chinese tomato soup. This is a little too sweet for my taste, but sometimes I have a little bowl of it anyway. It’s pretty tasty, but I prefer it in small portions. According to people who do love sweet tomato soups, this is excellent.

2. Vegetarian mushroom soup. Yum! This soup always tastes so fresh and I love the texture of the mushrooms in here. It makes a great starter to this meal!

3. Vegetarian chop suey with tofu. This is the only vegan main dish on the menu, but because they use different fresh vegetables every time, I haven’t got tired of it yet! The combination of all the different textures is perfect. We ordered this dish with just vegetables for years, but then we discovered they could make it with tofu as well. While the vegetables are delicious on their own, the tofu makes a fine addition!

4. Mini spring rolls. Everyone loves these, right? I love that everyone loves them and that they’re vegan. And I love these spring rolls. These delicious crispy treats really complete the vegan take-away meal, but I’m sure they’d make a great snack as well!

I guess the point I’m trying to make with this post is: when you’re looking for a vegan meal, you can’t really go wrong with a Chinese restaurant. Even if it’s in the middle of nowhere. And that being able to get delicious vegan food within five minutes of your home is awesome. Especially if it involves spring rolls!

I’ll be back with a brunch post tomorrow!

Vegetarian mushroom soup. Yum! This soup always tastes so fresh and the texture of the mushrooms is perfect. It makes a great starter to this meal!


3 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 10: Chinese Take-away

  1. mmm mushroom soup is my favourite!
    There’s a really cool chinese takout buffet place I like which is totally awesome, and even better, 100% vegan! Everything is really tasty and nom nom nom.

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