VeganMoFo 9: Grape juice, spaghetti & meatless balls, and cookies!


Today’s post is pretty much a random compilation of food pictures. Then again, most of my posts are, so you’re probably used to that by now. I promise I will post something more coherent again soon!

My parents grow grapes in their garden, and they are delicious this year. There are so many of them, too. I don’t think I remember us ever having so many grapes! They had to remove one of the vines, though, so next year’s harvest will probably be smaller.

Although they were perfect on their own, there were just too many to eat. To solve that problem, my mother turned the remaining grapes into grape juice today. Two kinds!

red grape juice

white grape juice

Actually, she made different kinds of white grape juice, but I only got a picture of one.

The juice is so good! The white grape variety is my favourite. I think it has a slight bitterness in it from the skin, and that makes it extra tasty.

Remember when I posted about the BBQ balls? Well, today, I made the recipe again with a couple of changes so I could have the balls over  my pasta.

Spaghetti with meatless balls

I replaced both the applesauce and the barbecue sauce with a simple tomato sauce, and I made a few other changes because I didn’t have all ingredients around. I also added some Italian herbs and some sautéed garlic (to replace the garlic powder). The BBQ version on a sandwich was better, but these balls were definitely quite tasty as well. I added kalamata olives and rocket to my plate, yum! I wanted to arrange the rocket leaves in a pretty circle around the pasta, but the wind blew a few of them off my plate. Oh well. I tried.

One more thing and then I’m done:

Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles

Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles, recipe from the PPK blog. These are delicious! They are probably a little different from what they’re supposed to be, as I had to substitute baking powder for the baking soda. Still, I think these cookies turned out pretty good this way as well.  I had stocked up on baking soda when I found it on holiday a few years ago, but that supply has long run out and I should really get myself a few new bags of this stuff!

I probably should have halved the snickerdoodle recipe, as I had to bake it in two batches and I still couldn’t fit all the dough on my cookie sheets, but then again I’m glad I didn’t halve it because now I have a huge batch of delicious cookies. And I got to make one big mutant cookie by putting all the leftover blobs of dough on top of one of the cookies so that one’s probably all soft and gooey inside, mmm.

Okay that’s really all I have for this post. Have a nice Friday!

Edit: I can’t count and made two “VeganMoFo 8” posts :/ oops.

<a href=”; title=”ladybird by Bonnie &lt;3, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”500″ height=”375″ alt=”ladybird” /></a>

4 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 9: Grape juice, spaghetti & meatless balls, and cookies!

  1. The snickerdoodles are getting very famous! Yours look really delicious.
    Homemade grape juice sounds fantastic. Wow, I haven’t seen these wonderful small grapes in a while. I should visit a local vineyard. Btw. I recently heard something on the radio about Dutch wine. It sounded quite interesting.

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