VeganMoFo 7: Hot Speculaas

Short post today (I’m doing homework).

Hot speculaas & almond paste in puff pastry

On the plate on the left: “amandelstaaf”. It’s basically a loaf of puff pastry filled with almond paste. Quite delicious, although my whole wheat puff pastry was unfortunately a bit old and not as crispy as I would’ve liked.

In the mug: hot homemade almond milk flavoured with speculaas spices and sweetened with agave. I blended some smooth white almond butter with water, spices, a little salt, a little lemon juice, and agave. I strained the mixture through a kitchen towel, too. The straining  turned out to be a pain in the ass, but it did make the drink so much more smooth and creamy.

The hot speculaas milk is a lovely autumny wintery drink, but I thought the whole mug was a little too much. It’s pretty decadent, so it’s probably better in small portions! Still, drinks like these are perfect for times when it’s cold and rainy outside, as it is now.

But yes, homework! I’ll be back soon.


4 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 7: Hot Speculaas

  1. I think I love you! Do you think I could use marzipan instead of almond paste? Oh, now I have an even better idea: homemade speculaas paste!

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